A Nigerian student has been beaten to death by a colleague over a WhatsApp message

A Nigerian student has been beaten to death by her co-workers for allegedly posting blasphemous messages on a WhatsApp group. Police and several school officials tried to save the young woman, but could not cope with the “student outrage,” witnesses said. Defender.

The school in Sokoto, in the northwestern Nigerian state, was immediately closed following the tragedy, the source said.

A spokesman for Sokoto officials said two suspects had been arrested.

The murdered young woman Deborah Samuel is said to have sent an audio message referring to the Prophet Muhammad, which angered her colleagues.

“There’s a WhatsApp group used by students, and a Muslim colleague published an article referring to Islam. Deborah criticized the post. She sent an audio message with insulting comments about the Prophet, which was blasphemous. , Someone said. Witnesses who wished to remain anonymous.

The police tried to save the young student, but witnesses said they could not cope with the rebellion of her colleagues.

“Police used tear gas and then started firing in the air to disperse the students, but they resisted,” said Summaya Usman, who witnessed the incident.

“Following the start of throwing stones and sticks at the students, the police abandoned their attempt to save her. The girl was beaten with sticks and stones until she could catch her breath and then set on fire,” he said.

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Representatives of Shehu Shakari College in Sokoto, where the event took place, said the unit was closed indefinitely “to the anger of students”.

In 2007, Muslim students at a school in the Northeast beat a teacher to death for allegedly defaming the Koran.

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