A seven-course dinner for Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin. What was the menu?

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Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin had a seven-course dinner during an informal meeting on Monday. Photo: Profimedia Images

A seven-course dinner was prepared for Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin during nearly five hours of informal talks on Monday. The menu prepared for the two heads of state was made public by the Russian press.

There was an aperitif choice between the two, seafood from the Far East and pancakes with quail and mushrooms.

On the menu was sturgeon soup with pie and pomegranate sorbet.

The main dish is venison with cherry sauce and white Siberian salmon, fish from the Besiora River, a side dish of vegetables.

For dessert, pavlova cake was served.

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin in 2020 had two wines made in a vineyard on the shores of the Black Sea on the table.

The talks between the two leaders on Monday were informal, and the official meeting will be followed by a press conference on Tuesday.

“I am glad that you have time to come this evening, to discuss all matters of interest, in a friendly and informal atmosphere,” Vladimir Putin told his counterpart. State enterprise of Russia.

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