A video mission like in the movies: Ukrainian special forces overnight crossed the Dnieper at Kherson and destroyed several Russian positions before retreating.

Spectacular video footage shared by the Ukrainian Armed Forces shows how elite troops of the military intelligence service crossed the Dnieper River at night and destroyed several Russian positions in the Kherson region.

Special operations of Ukrainian troopsPhoto: Video capture

Video footage shows soldiers from GUR, Ukraine’s main intelligence directorate, using boats to cross the Dnieper River at night, an operation Kiev said took place on the night of January 23-24. Footage shows Russian defenders firing on landing troops across the crossing.

Later, at 00:40, Ukraine’s elite troops managed to land ashore and immediately established contact with Russian forces and engaged in an intense firefight. Drone footage then shows the Russian position being bombarded by heavy weapons at 01:11.

Other footage taken from the drone by Ukrainian operators shows the third part of the mission beginning at 01:45 minutes, with GUR troops returning to the other side, while numerous shells fired by Russian defenders can be seen falling. Some of them, however, appear to have been shot by the Ukrainian army on the other side of the Dnieper as covering fire.

The footage shows a Ukrainian soldier receiving first aid on one of the boats as it retreats from the other shore, and ends with other drone footage showing damage to Russian positions during the morning attack.

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What the Ukrainian army says about the brave action of its special forces

Kiev forces say the nighttime attack was actually a reconnaissance operation of Russian positions in Nova Kahovka, a town in the Kherson region that had been occupied by the invasion forces since last February in the early days of the war. provoked By Vladimir Putin.

The town, which has a population of about 45,000, came into the limelight in November last year. Withdrawal Both sides invaded the west bank of the Dnieper They blamed themselves for the bombing The dam here.

Satellite photos The Russian retreat immediately showed that parts of the north side of the dam and the lock gates had been deliberately destroyed.

Returning to the mission captured on video, Ukrainian armed forces say they are aiming to locate Russian positions on the other side of the Dnieper and destroy their command post, which it says was hit by grenades during the operation.

Considering that the landing breached the defense lines, the Russians immediately called for the help of the troops in reserve – special forces, aviation, armored vehicles. Thanks to this, the reconnaissance team received accurate information about the number, size and locations of the enemy’s reserves,” says the military command in Kyiv.

It also claims that GUR troops eliminated 12 Russian defenders and an armored personnel carrier before retreating across the Dnieper River. Drone footage shows destroyed Russian positions:

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