A woman asks for help online after making a ‘horrific’ discovery in her bathroom. What he actually discovered

A woman sought help online after making a “terrifying” discovery in her bathroom, writes LadBible.

We can all agree that bathroom hygiene is one of the most complicated cleaning processes. An Australian woman recently faced a daunting task when trying to clean her bathroom. After lifting the shower mat to clean the floor, he saw an “unwanted sight.”

Karina, from Queensland, took to the Facebook group Cleaning & Organizing Inspiration Australia to ask if anyone could help her with her dilemma. The woman posted a photo showing what some believe to be “worms” emerging from the ground.

“How do we fix this?” she wrote along with the photo.

The photo horrified many of the group’s users, with one commenting: “Oh my god, I thought they were worms.”

Others were shocked at the mess Karina had to deal with, whether or not it looked like worms.

“What a nightmare, I didn’t know this was going to happen,” said another, while another said, “I’ve never seen this before.” The bath mat had somehow melted to the floor, meaning that when Karina picked it up, it left scraps of material stuck to the tiles.

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