Aaron Rodgers plans to spend more than one season with the Jets

Coach Robert Saleh said on Friday that he would be shocked if Aaron Rodgers did not play several years with the Jets. Rodgers will be, too.

The quarterback told ESPN Radio on Friday that an injury or winning the Super Bowl this season might change his mind, but he plans to play several years with the Jets.

“The Jets gave up a lot for me, so it’s only a year to play. I guess, It will be a disservice,” Rodgers said on The DiPietro & Rotenberg Show, via Al Iannazzone Newsday. “Now, if that year was a magical year, who knows? But it’s more than that: It’s how my body feels.”

Rodgers, 39, made changes to his diet and training routine in the off-season as he prepared for his 19th NFL season, his first with the Jets. He eliminated all fruits and processed foods, mostly eating protein.

“The last two months my body has been in really good shape,” said Rodgers. “Talk to me now in three to four months. We’ll see how you feel, but the way I feel now, I think I can play for a number of years.”

Rodgers’ indecision about his future over the past two seasons has raised questions about how long he will be with the team.

Rodgers decided he only wanted to continue playing this season after the darkness receded this winter, and made it clear that he would be with the Jets. This set in motion the massive trade that finally took place on April 26th.

Now, the planes are counting their blessings.

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everyone with planes, Including Rodgers, believes their window for competition is more than one year. This is part of the reason Rodgers intends to play several seasons in New York.

“I don’t even want to put him back in the corner and make him commit to something like that,” Saleh said of Rodgers’ commitment to play after 2023. “I just want him to have fun and know that when he walks into this building to let loose a little fun, with the guys, come into the office and talk to us and enjoy playing football.”

“Odds are, if you enjoy playing football, you’ll want to keep doing it.”

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