Alexei Navalny: Vladimir Putin uses war to cover up corruption

Jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of using the Ukrainian invasion to cover up corruption in Russia. BBC.

In a video aired by the independent publication Dojd, Navalny criticized the Ukrainian invasion.

Dressed in prison uniform, he says in the record that the invasion will lead to “a large number of victims, a ruined future and the continuing poverty of Russian citizens.”

“This war between Russia and Ukraine has been launched to cover up the theft from Russian citizens and to divert them from the problems that exist within the country,” he said.

Navalny was sentenced to more than a year in prison on a previous fraud charge after escaping a poisonous attack, which he and Western nations claim was organized by the Kremlin.

He is now on trial on new charges that could extend his detention to 10 years.

However, while Navalny was recovering abroad after a poisoning attempt, he was accused of “stealing” 356 million rubles ($ 4.7 million) in Russia, which was donated to his foundation, which was disbanded – as a “terrorist” organization. Over time, through this foundation, Navalny released several explosive video inquiries, many of which focused on Putin.

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