American Airlines flight diverted to Kansas City due to ‘naughty passenger’

American Airlines Flight 1775 was diverted with service from Los Angeles (LAX) to Washington, DC (DCA) to Kansas City (MCI) due to wild riderHe said the statement he gave to CNN.

“The flight landed safely at MCI at 2:28 p.m. local time, and law enforcement authorities were requested to interview the flight upon arrival,” she added. “We are grateful to our crew, who are constantly dedicated to the safety and care of our customers and who handled the circumstances with the utmost skill and professionalism.”

Kansas City Department of Aviation spokesman Joe McBride told CNN there was “a passenger interference with the flight crew,” adding that the incident would be under the jurisdiction of the FBI.

The FBI confirmed the incident in a statement to CNN, adding that the person in question had been taken into custody.

“The flight was diverted due to the interference of an unruly passenger in the cabin crew,” the FBI statement said. “The person has been arrested. No further information is available at this time.”

The FAA also confirmed to CNN that cabin crew reported passenger disruption on board the Airbus A321.

Moaz Mustafa, who lives in Washington, DC, was on the plane and told CNN he saw a flight attendant screaming at another flight attendant to turn on the lights. Mustafa said the plane began descending rapidly.

Mostafa said more people climbed to the front of the plane to help disembark the passenger. Mustafa told CNN that the passenger was trying to get into the cockpit and open the plane’s door, and the flight attendant used coffee pots to hit the man in the head.

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When the plane landed, Mustafa said, the police and the FBI got on the plane. Passengers have been rescheduled on another flight.

According to FAA data, 2021 was a bad year for unbridled airline passenger behavior in the United States, with 5,981 reports of unruly passengers registered by the agency as of December 31. Of those, 4,290 – nearly 72% – were mask-related accidents.

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