An Italianate palace and the village in which it is located are for sale for $2 million

A medieval castle and its hamlet of Serravalle in Italy, located halfway between Modena and Bologna in the northern Emilia Romagna region, are for sale for 1.9 million euros, or about $2 million.

The castle is habitable, has running water, electricity and heating and requires only minimal repairs. Also, the price is negotiable.

An Italian castle and the village it sits on are for sale for $2 million

What does a domain for sale include?

Situated in a picturesque area, green hills, the fort comes with a portion of the village that was once part of its domain. The fort consists of an original ancient fort covering an area of ​​1,800 square meters at a height of 400 meters.

The property includes a medieval castle, an 18th-century 3-story palace called Palazzo Boccatiffero, where the current owners occasionally reside, a wooded hunting lodge, a four-story watchtower, a wide walkway, and a lush 14,000-square-foot park. .

“Not only is it very comfortable, but it has enormous potential as a private, quiet and secluded domain and ultimately as a resort investment”It is said that CNN Paolo Giacobini of the real estate agency Immobiliare Giacobini is handling the sale.

“The charm and the panorama are incomparable. The buildings are surrounded by vineyards, the two main cities are Emilia Romagna, a magnificent region with more castles and mansions than neighboring Tuscany.“, Giacobini also said.

The property is currently rented out for private events and conferences, but the current owners can no longer cope with the management of the vast estate. They live in the castle during the summer months, Giacobini says, so it’s fully furnished and has several bedrooms and bathrooms. The two-story hunting lodge is also heated.

Although the castle is impeccably preserved, other parts of the property, such as the watchtower, built in 1227 and replaced in 1523, are in need of some repairs.

Luxurious Renaissance-style furniture, including paintings, can be purchased.

Legend has it that the field is haunted

Because of its historical and artistic value, the fort is under the supervision of regional heritage authorities, who have imposed restrictions on structural changes. Therefore, approval is required for any landscaping work, and changes are not really possible.

A secret underground passage connects the tower to the palace and was once used by guards fleeing from enemies.

Although quiet and peaceful, the property is not completely secluded. The village has a population of 40, a church with frescoes, a restaurant and a wine museum.

At the entrance, a large stone doorway and a coat of statues welcome visitors.

The building has undergone many improvements over time. Named after the Boccatiferro family, which ruled for four centuries, the palace was originally a simple house.

According to local legend, the castle and estate are haunted by the ghosts of one of the nobles of Boccatifero, who is said to have killed 12 of his wives during his lifetime. Their tormented and angry spirits haunt the halls in their quest for revenge, leaving a pungent scent in the air. But these are just stories, says Giacobini.

“The deceased brother of the present owner wrote an article on the history of the place, and discovered that Boccatiffero loved his only wife so much that he painted her portrait several times, dressed in different clothes, so it was assumed that there were many. Women. But it was only one”He says.

Serravalle is ideal for nature lovers and has a rich traditional gastronomy. There are many hiking, biking and horseback riding trails and an 18-hole golf course nearby.

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