Antoine Richardson says Mike Shieldt yelled at him with ‘racist undertones’

SAN FRANCISCO – It is unusual for a first base coach to speak to the media after a game, and perhaps never before in baseball history, because a first base coach requires the media to return to the club after it closes.

But Antoine Richardson felt strongly on Tuesday night that he needed to share what was on his mind, and it soon became clear why.

Standing a few feet outside the Giants Club after 13-2 win over San Diego PadresRichardson explained how he was sent off — for no reason, he felt — in the third inning of the game. Richardson, who is from the Bahamas, felt Padres III’s coach Mike Shieldt treated him in a “racial overtones” manner, however it was Richardson who was slandered.

Richardson said that Shieldt was staring at the Giants’ lair in the third inning and asked Richardson, “Can I help you? Are you looking for someone?” Schilt told him he was looking for giant bowler Alex Wood, and manager Gabe Kapler came to see what was going on. Richardson said that Scheldt shouted out the words he thought were meant for Kepler.

“You need to control that mommy,” Richardson said. “At the time, I went up a notch and said, ‘Excuse me?’ I couldn’t believe what I heard. at that time , [Greg] Gibson, the crew chief, decided to kick me out of the game. I think his words were disproportionate and unjustified [had] Racial undertones when he referred to me as “that mother,” as if I was going to be under control or a piece of property or slavery. I think it’s really important that we understand what happened tonight.

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“The second part that is equally disappointing is that the referee who signed me enabled this coach to continue to have conversations like this with people like me, which is really unfortunate because that’s what happened tonight. With this, I’m really excited that Alyssa [Nakken] I got a chance for her to make her debut in the league, and I’m so proud of her. I think she did a really great job and we got a win, so that’s the most important thing.”

Richardson said he never used vulgar language, and was told he was fired for “incitement”. I mean Nakin has been sent to the coach First base, making her the first woman to coach in a field position in MLB history. That will have an impact on the game for as long as it is played, but Richardson’s accusations will certainly have a huge impact on this season.

This is the first of six series among NL West rivals, and even before Richardson spoke, Padres was clearly pissed off at the Giants’ decision to steal a base and chase for a big hit by a wide margin.

Kapler defended these two decisions. An hour later, he walked out of the club to support Richardson, one of the cast’s most beloved members.

“I trust Antoine’s judgment 100 percent,” Kapler said. “I trust Antoine’s judgment on this matter and know that Antoine was not at all out of control, and that nothing that was said implied that he was absolutely improper. No part of this was instigated.”

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Kapler said he didn’t actually hear what Scheldt said, but he didn’t think it was appropriate to fire Richardson. He did not speak to anyone from the Padres family after the match. Teams play again Wednesday afternoon at Oracle Park.

Richardson said he understood his statement would become a story, but felt it was important to speak out. When Richardson came out to speak to reporters, Giants Lamonte player Wade Jr. also walked out of the club and stood a few feet away.

“It’s important that we raise awareness of this,” Richardson said. “Unfortunately, that’s what’s out there in our world, and I think it’s important that we understand when we comment and take action like this, what that means for communities.

“I’m sharing this story not only for myself, but I’m sharing this story with other people like me. I know I’ve had the full support of my teammates and others that I would let them down if I didn’t share this story tonight.”

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