April 4, 2023 Emotional horoscopes for 3 zodiac signs, Moon trine Pluto

If you’re feeling shaky or unsteady today, there’s a very good reason for that: On April 4, 2023, we’ll have a transit called Moon trine Pluto in our sky. This aspect controls emotional intensity, oppression and vulnerability. Aries, Gemini, and Leo are most susceptible to the negative aspects of today’s transit. Many of us may want to distance ourselves emotionally from what we think takes too much to “feel” – we crave escape and may find very little of it.

What really stands out during Moon trine Pluto is that, for some zodiac signs, self-expression is mundane… hard. We may have something on our minds that is inevitable and requires conversation to get it off our chests, but our fears will hold us back. It is as if we are putting ourselves between a rock and a hard place during this time; We want to be free, but we fear the response we will get from anyone with whom we need to share this piece of information.

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In fact, our biggest problem today is communication. We want to talk, but we hold ourselves back. We may also grapple with control issues in the context of a relationship, most likely a romantic one. This is the kind of day when we think our partner is trying to ‘get over’ us, however, we are afraid to point it out for fear of where this conversation might lead. All roads today lead to poor communication, which makes the day annoying and frustrating.

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The three zodiac signs with approximate horoscopes for April 4, 2023:

1. Aries

(March 21 – April 19)

Being somewhat goal oriented, I understand that you need excellent communication skills to achieve those goals. During the Moon transiting trine Pluto on April 4, 2023, you will feel indecisive about moving forward, which will frustrate you. You know it’s up to you to “make things happen,” yet the person you need to talk to scares you for some reason.

Usually, the idea of ​​holding back because someone “scares” you is a laugh riot, because you feel fearless all the time, but during Moon trine Pluto, this one makes you shiver in your own shoes. Even if you think this is silly, it doesn’t make it any easier. Even worse is that, unconsciously, you may be taking it upon yourself through self-destructive behaviour. You don’t know you’re hurting yourself, but somehow you’re doing your best to deflect the feeling of not being able to speak. You will have to practice if you want to continue.

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2. Gemini

(May 21 – June 20)

While a sign is always associated with connection, it doesn’t automatically mean you’re “good” at it; It simply means that communication is part of what benefits and detracts from your life. Today, April 4, 2023, will put you through intense stress that you will go along with rather than rebel against.

What happens is that during a Pluto trine moon, you will feel strongly about a particular subject. However, because you know that the person you want to share your thoughts with disagrees with your opinion, you will feel oppressed and excluded. However, they do not exclude you; You, and this is just a glimpse of how things are going with you today. You don’t want to be stuck in silence, but you don’t have the nerve to extricate yourself from it, so today you’ll feel very isolated.

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3. Leo

(July 23 – August 22)

You’ll be lucky to get through this day without getting into a steady fight with your romantic partner, as the tendency to not see eye to eye abounds on April 4, 2023. A transit that brings out the controlling side of your nature is Moon trine Pluto, and with that in mind, you might notice that you’re more impulsive. And more aggressive than usual. Your main problem today will be letting go of an opinion that seems irrelevant after a while.

However, this is where this Leo’s pride comes into play, and it rarely works out for you. However, it is part of your nature. You will not admit defeat, even if “defeat” is defined simply as “not being right”. You wouldn’t be right today, and your romantic partner would point this out, which seems to be “not allowed” in your mind. You’re too hard on them, Leo. You may need to step back and let things settle.

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