As Russian troops approach Kiev, Mayor Vitaly Clichyko says the city will have supplies for two more weeks.

Kiev Mayor Vitaly Clichyko said on Friday that he believed there were about two million people left in the city, trapped in the middle of advancing Russian troops on several fronts. Reuters.

The mayor of the Ukrainian capital says the city, which has a population of 3.5 million in general, has enough essentials for a few weeks and supply lines are currently open.

His brother, Vladimir, said in a joint interview that some men and some women who had gone with their families to relatives’ care in the western part of the country were returning to participate in the defense of the city.

“We believe that nearly two million people are still in Kiev and it is very important to provide services to the people,” Vitaly told Reuters at a logistics center in Kiev, where he and his assistant coordinated the isolation of food and drug stores. People at home.

“Now we have electricity, heat, gas, we have water,” he added.

He thanked the countries that send the goods to Ukraine and estimated that there will be enough essentials in the city for two more weeks.

The Russian army is near Kiev in the west and northwest, where fierce fighting is taking place, and has tried to approach from the east and northeast.

Ukrainian officials say the Russians’ final target is to encircle the city and try to occupy it.

On Friday, Russian forces re-integrated into the northwest, Britain said, according to satellite imagery, which may be preparing for an attack on the city in the coming days.

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“The target (capital of the Russian invasion) is the capital of Ukraine, the target is Kiev,” Vitaly said. “We are ready to defend our city.”

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