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The Bellator 277 is set at TONIGHT (Friday, April 15, 2022) from inside the SAP Center in San Jose, California, and features a featherweight title fight between Divisional Champion, AJ McKee, and Patricio Pitbull. In the evening’s co-main event, the Light Heavyweight Grand Prix will conclude as Vadim Nemkov defends his title against Corey Anderson.

The main card of Bellator 277 will air on Showtime at 10 PM ET, with the bottom card “Prelims” going live at 7 PM ET. here. Full card results and overall play will be delivered to the televised part of 277- Tahir less.

Many readers check in before, during and after fights to share their thoughts on all the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 277) about spells and chat with all the other lunatics during the show – it’s always a lot of fun!

Bellator 277 Quick Result:

145 lbs: Champion AJ Maki Patricio vs Pitbull – Pitbull by unanimous decision
205 lbs: Champion Vadim Nemkov against. Corey Anderson – The No-Competition Referee, An Unintended Head-Back (Highlights)
145 lbs. Aaron Biko against. Adly Edwards – Biko via third round TKO
265 lbs: Tim Johnson vs. Lynton Vassil – Vasyl via first round TKO
265 lbs.: terrell fortune against. Rakim Cleveland – Fortune via first round knockout
170 lbs: Kyle Crutcher against. Michael Lombardo – Crutchmer by unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Ralan Gracie against. Tyson Miller – Miller via first round TKO (doctor stop)
Weight of the necklace 140 pounds: Gaston Bolanos against. Cass Bell – Bolanos via first round TKO
125 lbs: Edwin de los Santos against. Alberto Mendes – de los Santos, the decision
135 lbs: Bobby Sironio vs. Calop Ramirez – Sironio via 2nd round TKO
145 lbs: Socrates Hernandez against. Rogelio Luna – Luna via third round TKO (Highlights)
205 lbs: Dovletdzhan Yagshimuradov against. Rafael Carvalho – Yagshimuradov via TKO . 2nd round
145 lbs: Laird Anderson against. GT Donaldson – Anderson via first-round introduction (naked rear throttle)
185 lbs: Theo Haig against. Alan Benson – Haig via first round submission (naked rear throttle)

Bellator 277 Play by Play

Featherweight champion AJ Maki Against Patricio Pitbull

Round 1: Maki explodes with a kick to the body. Hitch kick attempt from Maki. Pitbull is a bit temporary to start with. Maki asks his opponent to come to the center of the cage. Kick to the body of the maki. The left hook of the pitbull. Maki says he is not upset. Left hand is directly under the tube for McKee. Mckee with another hard kick to the body, Pitbull takes off with his body bullet. Pitbull is more patient this time. Maki jade kick back spin. Cal’s kick from Pitbull, Mackie re-shoots with a header. Pitbull went to the well, landed several low kicks and advanced with a group of three punches. McKee drops his hands and Pitbull lunges with a combination of four punches, but doesn’t land much. 10-9 maki

Round two: McKee gets into an early takedown, but Pitbull eats a knee in the face on her way out. Pitbull With another low kick, Maki looks frustrated, and the crowd boos. The pitbull lunges forward again with a set of three punches, but doesn’t land anything clean. A back kick spins off a McKee miss and a Pitbull takes him to the canvas. Pitbull turns back and starts kicking his legs. Maki teases him from the ground and comes back. Maki begins to increase the speed, throwing a knee in the middle and then his right hand. Kick to the body of the maki. Pitbull shoots again with a kick in the groin and complains of a collision in the head, but to no avail. Pitbull rushes with two hooks on the left, and nothing is clean on the grounds. A pitbull with a powerful shot at the body, Maki shakes it. Close tour. 10-9 pitbull.

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Round 3: Mackie does his best to impersonate Nick Diaz by mocking Pitbull with his hands in the air. Pitbull doesn’t fall for it. McKee’s left kook lands, Pitbull fires two straight hits. The pitbull lands with his right hand rocks McKee momentarily but McKee shoots for a quick takedown and gets it. Great mode for McKee, he went into survival mode after rocking it. The solid left hands of McKee and Pitbull are now looking for a guillotine and he has locked it. McKee is in trouble here. Maki is relieved so far but Pitbull won’t let him go. Maki muscles through and pop out of his head. Maki is now on high alert and begins unloading the footage. Pitbull is defending well so far. Mackie scrambles and now has a pitbull’s back, looking for a bare choke from behind when the round is over. 10-9 pitbull

Fourth round: Tournament rounds. Calf kick from Maki, Pitbull laughs at her. Temporary start of the tour. Pitbull with an inner kick. A kick to the body from Maki, no man is willing to risk it to start the fourth round. The crowd is restless, boo birds are raining. Nice kick to the body and right hand from McKee. A whiff of McKee’s back kick spins. Pitbull’s inner leg kick, Maki’s main leg kick. Left hand down the middle steps of the hero. Pitbull digs to the body with a left hook, Maki returns first with two attempts standing up for the elbow, hitting nothing but the forearm. The pitbull lands with his right hand and goes to attack the fence, but like an accomplished bullfighter, Maki ducks to the side quickly. Straight right hand down McKee’s middle lands. Pitbull kicks a powerful header and is now the aggressor. 10-9 pitbull

Fifth round: Mackey shoots for elimination, stuffed momentarily by a pitbull. Maki is relentless and he understands it. The pitbull uses the fence to get back, but Maki pulls it down. Maki takes the back and searches for the bare throttle from behind. Maki cut the elbow in the second half. Solid left hand goes down for McKee. Pitbull with one-to-two combo, blocked by McKee. The action slowed this last round, but it’s still anyone’s fight where it could be 2-2. McKee goes into the elimination process, stuffed again by the Pitbull. Mackie slowed down his attack, the first time he had run five rounds. Kick to the body of the maki. Pitbull takes a high kick. Lift right from the pitbull. Uppercut lands for pitbull. Maki is breathing hard here. One – two goes down for McKee. A pitbull blows on his right hand and Maki lands. Maki fires a few shots at the cage as the fight ends. 10-9 pitbull

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The end result: the defeat of the pitbull. Maki by unanimous decision

Champion Vadim Nemkov vs. Corey Anderson

Round 1: Low kick from Nemkov. Anderson with one punch, Nemkov fired a jab. A low kick from Nemkov drops Anderson momentarily. Jaap from Nemkov, rolling straight from Anderson misses. Body kick from Nemkov. Anderson mistook his massive right hand and caught Nemkov against the fence. Nemkov with a cross from the right off the exit from Nemkov. Anderson goes into takedown, but Nemkov with an excellent defense. Elbow from Nemkov. Left hook from Nemkov. Anderson With a header just down the middle, Anderson made a mock removal attempt and made a backup. Nice right hand from Anderson Lands. Now Nemkov is the aggressor and he enters with one leg, stuffed by Anderson. He roamed over Anderson’s body and caught Nemkov against the wall as time passed. 10-9 Nemkov

Round 2: Taking the high kick to Nemkov, Anderson lunged in and landed with a left hook sneaking into the body before pushing Nemkov into the cage and making the takedown, well. Nemkov has a grip on Anderson’s wrists, blocking the ground and the pound. Full guard for Anderson now, dropping a few shots while Nemkov tries to improve his position. Anderson lands with two short elbows to the side of the head. Nemkov is now set. The short elbow slides across his forehead and Anderson doesn’t give up that top position without a fight. Anderson takes a higher position and is now in lateral control. Nemkov is really trying to escape but Anderson is too strong here. Nemokov sneaks in while Anderson tries to go full mountain. Nemkov has Anderson’s backing up against the fence, but Anderson isn’t in danger here. 9-10 Anderson

Round three: Nemkov with his gentle right hand down the middle lands. Anderson stuns Nemkov with his powerful right hand. Anderson goes into another removal and he’s getting it. Bad posture for the hero. Nemkov manages to get back and has a guillotine. It is tight. Anderson runs away. That was a close call. Anderson takes Nemkov’s back and drops the shots to the side of the head. Nemkov takes his peak to his corner for some advice. Anderson is not looking for a neck. Nemkov enters Anderson, now controlling the side for ‘overtime’. Anderson is on half guard and begins to unload some land and pounds. Nemkov is looking for an arm, but Anderson escapes. Anderson is now grinding away, landing with his left hand and a sinister elbow. Referee Frank Trigg calls the time, why do not know. Doctors step in to look at a cut above Nemkov’s left eye and soon calls the fight and declares Anderson the winner. After that, Nemkov protested that the cause of the wound was a collision in the head. The replay shows it was an unintended clash of heads. Now we wait to see what happens. After review, the committee ruled that the fight was no competition.

Final Result: No-Contest Referee (NC) due to an inadvertent head-on collision

Aaron Biko Opposite Adly Edwards

Round 1: Inner leg kick from Edwards. Biko goes into an early takedown, and he’s got it. Shocker. Pico’s side control, now in a half-guard. Steel elbow drops Pico across Edwards’ face. Edwards tries to grab the ankle lock buying Pico escapes. Biko lands with his huge right hand and Edwards falls. Edwards drops his back, turns, and controls Biko to the side. Short elbows for pico. Edwards stands and lands Peco with a huge left hook by the body before Edwards descends again. More short elbows are pico landings and Edwards has no answer. Pico allows Edwards to fall back and fires a high header kick. Biko rips some body shots and takes Edwards down again. Pico with another big shot to the body before Edwards fell again. Pico’s dominant tour. 10-9 pico

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Round Two: Biko opens things up with a three-stroke narrative. Edwards drops down with a high kick, though he gets up quickly. Biko with a hook left on the body before he scored his fifth goal in the fight. Biko continues to go to the well with body shots, they keep going down, and Edwards’ face starts to show the punishment he’s receiving. Peko stuns Edwards with a sinister left hook and takes Edwards down again. Edwards may not have much to offer offensively, but he shows a lot of heart here. Pico is now landing some ground and pound. He shall, only to come down again. Pico looks perfect here tonight, as everything combines well, one two pico after Edwards wakes up. Peco with a nice left hook, then swivel elbow tumbles. Kick on the body and another remove to close the round. 10-9 pico

Third round: Big kick from Biko. Forehand kick from Edwards above center. Three straight leg kicks land Pico, then one to two at the top. A combination of one and two drops Edwards and Biko goes for the kill, a shot to the side of the head before the referee puts an end to the penalty. Great stop.

The end result: the defeat of Biko. Edwards via third-round TKO

Tim Johnson vs. Lynton Fassel

Round one: Low kick to start things off Vassil, but Johnson refuses to take the time. Resumes work. They grab and start dumping on each other for a few seconds. Johnson pushes forward as he pushes Vasyl into the cage. An internal kick from Vassil, Johnson pushed him back against the cage. Vasil is looking for a removal process, which he does not understand. Another inner kick from Vasyl. Kick to the body from Vasil, corpse shot in the back from Johnson. Johnson marks Vasil and shakes him with his huge left hand. Vasil falls on the canvas and pounces on Johnson. Vasil gets up but falls again and Johnson’s boom pushes him like a tank and starts unloading some ground and nasty weight. Vasil hangs cruel but Johnson is relentless. Johnson sustained a wound to his forehead, possibly from reckless diving. Now, Johnson has his back on Johnson as he unloads his load. What a transformation! Johnson turns towards Vasil and Vasil is now at the top of the mountain. Pound for pound from Vassil and Johnson has now answered, forcing the referee to put an end to the fight in the first round. What a return from Vasil.

The end result: Vasel won. Johnson via first round TKO

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