Bianca Tragusanu’s ex-husband married for the fourth time. How He Spoils His Fiance – Event of the Day

Three failed marriages did not stop Bianca Dragusanu’s ex-husband from rebuilding his life and remarrying. He will soon reach the altar again, this time with his recently reconciled Ema Uda.

The important thing is that we have solved all our problems. That we are as good as possible. Yes, there will be marriage. I want this“, Alex Bodi said.

Source: Facebook/ Bodi Alex

Alex Bodi wants to start a family with Ema Uśă

Also, the businessman does not hesitate to reveal the fact that he loves and cares for him, despite the fact that he has two daughters from previous relationships, and he is separated from the mother, he wants to have children with his current girlfriend.

I haven’t asked the little one yet if they want another brother or sister. But I do, I want more“, said the ex-husband of Bianca Tragusanu.

Earlier in the year, Emma Usha and Alex Bodi broke up. The make-up artist, despite considerable efforts to convince the businessman, refused to reconcile with him for several weeks. However, his feelings improved on March 8.

That day, they took a step towards reconciliation by accepting Valentine’s invitation to celebrate Women’s Day together. Although Bodi’s wish came true, due to superstition, she has refused to make any statement about their relationship till date.

A few months ago, during their breakup, Alex Bodi professed his love for Emma. He planned everything in detail and chose one of the most luxurious areas in Dubai to express his feelings. A special message appeared on the world’s largest wheel, Ain Dubai: “From Alex to Emma – I love you”, which will be adored by the whole city.

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Alex Bodie always spoils his girlfriend

After their reconciliation, Alex and Emma enjoy a better relationship than before. They explore the world together, so recently they took two memorable trips, namely a visit to Disneyland with Bodi’s two daughters and a romantic trip to the Maldives, just the two of them.

“Now, we will stay in the country for the next ten days because we have some work to do. I also want to go to Spain, to the big girl,” he said GOSSIP.

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