‘Blackish’ Series Final Summary: Season 8, Episode 13

“Well, I am just a standard, ordinary, incredibly handsome, black man with an incredible personality I found a way to actually go from a break to the Oaks without a jump shot, hitting #1 or being Tyler Perry,” Anthony Anderson Dre told us at the top of the blackishThe last episode ever. “I may have grown up just a Compton kid, but now I’m living the American dream.”

But that dream doesn’t look like Dre as it did eight seasons ago, and as the series finale begins, he has to correct his inquisitive neighbor Janine’s assumption that moving boxes in his driveway mean he, Poe and the kids. Moving to Atlanta. He clearly tells her that Robbie and Pops are going off, then tries to ignore her comments about the “Dirty South” etc. day.”

This makes Dre think that perhaps Sherman Oaks is not the place for him and his family anymore. “Since we moved, there’s always been a feeling we’ve been an anomaly,” he says, taking a steamy shower as he thinks about it during the Stevens & Lido meeting on the field. solved? Paint his house black to tell his neighbors what’s going on. But Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, who happens to be at a meeting for the ice cream company she represents, wonders why he’s not doing something that would make for him Happy instead of mad neighbours.

So he brought up the idea of ​​making a big change to Bow, and she agreed: She wanted to sell the house and move to the Black Neighborhood. “Mama was wrong!” He cries with joy. “After 20 years, I’ve finally figured out what you’d say to excite me!” She responds with a laugh while they are cuddling.

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They buy a house, Dre moves on to freelance work at the advertising company (“I’ve become one of the real voices of my life” his boss tells him, in a rare moment of seriousness), and all that’s left is to say goodbye to their empty house. And they do so with a vibrant wedding ceremony where everyone in the Johnson family (except Devante) places a rose in a casket carried out into the street while the family – and eventually, everyone they know – dances behind them.

Dre’s final voiceover indicates that he and his family be Live his version of the American dream. Then we break up with the Latino couple who are moving into the house Johnson has just vacated. The couple noticed they were also living the American Dream… Then Janine rang the doorbell, made some racist remarks, and the new homeowners pretend not to speak English as they push her out.

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