Borel: “The monster (Wagner) is going to bite its creator” – “The war against Ukraine is destroying Russian power”

Wagner’s aborted coup showed that war in Ukraine would “disintegrate Russian power,” EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Jeseph Borrell said on Monday.

“What happened this weekend shows that the war against Ukraine is eroding Russian power and affecting the Russian political system,” he said.

“The monster (Wagner) is going to bite its creator,” Borrell commented before a meeting of EU member states’ foreign ministers.

“It’s certainly not a good thing for Russia to enter a phase of nuclear instability. And it’s something to be aware of,” he warns.

“Russia is (…) one of the world’s two great powers. We cannot be indifferent to what is happening there,” Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg insists for his part.

“It should reflect all of us,” insists the head of Austrian diplomacy

“This is Russia’s internal business,” says Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström.

But “of course we follow it very closely (…), because what happens in Russia has an impact on security conditions,” warns the head of Swedish diplomacy.

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