Boris Johnson sends “one way” airline ticket to Rwanda for asylum seekers in the UK

Despite numerous calls from refugee and human rights organizations, not only the credibility of the plan but also its readiness have been called into question, according to a new plan developed by the London government to deport refugees seeking political asylum in the UK to Rwanda. The African government must respect the rights of refugees, he said BBC. Boris Johnson says the country, which was frequently criticized for human rights abuses and violations, was “one of the safest countries in the world” after the 1994 bloody genocide.

The pilot project targeted male refugees arriving in the UK via the English Channel, hiding in boats or lorries.

According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the £ 120 million plan will “save countless lives” at the hands of smugglers.

The British Prime Minister says the plan is to prevent “human traffickers” from turning the ocean into a “liquid graveyard”.

“Our kindness is limitless, but we have no ability to help people. We can not ask a British taxpayer to give us a blank check for expenses to anyone who wants to come and live here,” Johnson said.

The British prime minister said those who managed to get to the kingdom would “no longer be taken to hotels for more public money” but would be taken to detention centers. He added that over time, this would be a major obstacle to illegal immigration.

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The move has been strongly criticized by refugee rights organizations, who say it is “horrendous”, questioning its costs and impact, and raising concerns about the value of human rights in Rwada.

The London-based opposition leader described the plan as “ineffective” and “expensive”, accusing Johnson of trying to divert attention from his own corruption and the fines he would have to pay after the outbreak.

Britain has already signed an agreement with Rwanda

Last year, 28,526 people crossed the English Channel in small boats, a rapid increase from 2020, to 8,404. According to the British Prime Minister, the number of people who can be relocated to Rwanda will be “unlimited”.

“Rwanda will have the potential to relocate tens of thousands of people in the coming years, including those who have come here illegally since the beginning of the year.” The agreement with Rwanda was signed by British Home Secretary Priti Patel in the capital of this African country.

He said most of those who enter the country illegally will be deported to Rwanda. The government says migrants will “benefit from the full protection, employment and health and social security of Rwandan law.”

Boris Johnson says the plan is “in full agreement” with international law, but acknowledges that he expects it to be challenged in court by a “strong army of politically motivated lawyers.”

UN And refugee and human rights organizations have strongly criticized the ‘creepy’ plan

Zoe Abrams, executive director of the British Red Cross, says the organization he runs is “deeply concerned” by the London government’s plan and that “the cost of finance and human living will be substantial.”

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Enver Solomon, executive director of the Refugee Council, says his organization is “terrified by this horrific and unfortunate decision” and will “not do much” to stop refugees from trying to reach Britain.

The Liberal Democrats, the second opposition party in the British Parliament, have criticized the Conservative government, saying it “knocks on the door of refugees”, while the leader of the Scottish National Party described the plan as “creepy”.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said in a statement that “people who leave war, conflict and persecution deserve compassion and sympathy. Reuters.

Human Rights Watch also said that Rwanda violates basic human rights: “Refugees are often abused in Rwanda, and the government sometimes deports Rwandan refugees and subjected them to brutal treatment.”

Last year, the British government expressed concern at the UN over “long-standing restrictions on civil and political rights and freedom of the press” in Rwanda.

However, Johnson says Rwanda is now one of the safest countries in the world.

The Rwandan government, on the other hand, said temporary immigrants would be temporarily housed in hostels and hotels in Kigali, while their asylum applications would be processed – “once their applications are evaluated, they will be integrated into the community,” he said. Of the Government of Rwanda.

A London government official says the program is for young people and single men and is not part of the Women and Children program.

Author: Adrian Dumitru

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