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after three days Kevin Federline revealed with his sons Britney SpearsAnd the Sean Prestonand 16 and Jayden James15th, They decide they can’t see her now. In an interview with ITV, Britney, 40, decided to unleash her thoughts on the matter over a long period of time. Mail on Instagram. “The situation should have been handled 100 percent privately and definitely not online!!!” Britney criticized. “A British network has claimed that their stepmother’s goal is to keep the children away from all controversy and trauma in my house…I have love in my house and I have the blessing of all the people I have allowed in and out of my house.”

Britney Spears Criticizes Kevin Federline Interview
Britney Spears has spoken out about her relationship with her teenage sons (Image: Instagram/Britney Spears)

Then Britney apparently denounced her children for being “hate” when they came to her house, which was supposed to be two to three days a week but often ended up being the only one. “I know it’s hard to deal with teenagers at this age…but come on, there’s rudeness and then there’s hate,” she continued. “They would visit me, come in through the door, go straight to their room and shut the door!!!” She added, “The observer would tell me that he only likes to be in his room…But I’d love for you to come visit me if they don’t even visit me!!!”

The “Toxic” singer talked about how upset it is when her children are away from her, then wondered if she had pushed them away by trying to build a relationship with them. “It hurts and I want to scream!!! I want to shrug their shoulders and say wake up I’m here too!!! Teenagers are weird, I don’t know what’s going through their heads!!!” I wondered. “I always tried and tried, maybe that’s why they stopped coming here!!! I wanted them to like the lady so much that I overdid it!!!

Britney Spears Criticizes Kevin Federline Interview
Britney Spears says her children are ‘too tough’ towards her (Image: Instagram/Britney Spears)

Then Britney talked about the conversation she had with her sons when they told her they wanted to come in less, which Kevin talked about in his ITV interview. “They told me this summer ‘we might come here less’ and I was fine. I called their dad and told him it looks like the boys want to stop coming here just as much, which I get because they have it going but I feel like they’re pretty tough!!” she said Clearly surprised. His words were ‘I will never let them make this decision themselves… I will never do that to you’!!! After that, I haven’t seen them since!!! nothing at all.”

Britney Spears Criticizes Kevin Federline Interview
Britney Spears has said she is speaking out now because she is no longer concerned about offending others (Image: Instagram/Britney Spears)

She concluded her post by repeating how devastated she was when Kevin talked about her relationship with her sons and her sons’ decision to stop coming. “I talk about it because my heart doesn’t understand cruelty,” she wrote. “It breaks my heart because these days it seems to me that cruelty actually wins even though it’s not about winning or losing!!!” She added, “But I can’t handle how I dedicated 20 years of my life to these kids… It was all about them!!! For them to knock my breath… I see you can’t fix me!!! No cure or sense of worship can fix my heart!! !

Britney Spears Criticizes Kevin Federline Interview
Britney Spears is trying to focus on the positives in her life (Image: Instagram/Britney Spears)

Britney previously Talk outside Kevin’s interviewWhich is broadcast on the British network through several clips this week. “It saddens me to hear that my ex has decided to discuss the relationship between me and my children…As we all know, raising teenage boys is never easy for anyone,” she wrote on Instagram Story on August 7.

In addition to bringing up Britney’s turbulent relationship with her sons, Kevin is also public Controversial guardianship support It was laid out between 2008 and 2021.”Jimmy Spears He came up to me and said, pretty much, “I don’t know what to do, I want to help. My daughter, I want to help,” he told ITV. “I mean this… I’ve seen a guy who really cares about his family and really cares about his family and wants everything to be okay.” He added, “100% I feel he saved her at the time.”

Britney Spears kids
Britney Spears has two teenage sons born in 2005 and 2006 (Photo: Picture Perfect/Shutterstock)

Britney made it clear that she was disgusted with Kevin’s interview, which Exclusive sources confirmed to Hollywood Live. “[Britney] She wanted to keep her children’s drama out of the spotlight because that was sacred to her. for [Kevin] To do this interview is showing her that he doesn’t respect her,” said someone close to Britney H. A second source added that Britney was at a loss as to why Kevin would do such a thing.

while, Sam AsghariBritney’s 28-year-old husband, claimed the interview was Snatch big money for Kevin. “Kevin’s broth path will end soon [sic] Perhaps explains the timing of these hurtful statements.” “I don’t know him personally and have nothing against him aside from his choice. [sic] To discredit my wife. His character is revealed by agreeing to a ruthless CShip for 13 years and his loyalty to Jaimie [sic] [Spears] It indicates his approval at the time of his conception as well.”

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