Broadway seems to be making a comeback with a few old favorites making a comeback

Cindy Adams


April 9, 2023 | 5:39 p.m

Broadway looks to be doing well

Goodelicious Broadway is creeping up again.

The Cabaret is back. . . While Cinderella may take her fairy godmother and her supporters and go away, The Wiz returns. All black cast. Also “Evita”. All white cast. Also “cats”. All clouds cast. Creatures will meow in the cloud ball.

“Phantom” wraps up Sunday after nearly 1,400 performances. But it’s not a ghost. She’s coming back. Unlike me, a facelift is performed. And on Thursday, NYL’s Frank DeLila will host an hour-long special, “The Phantom of the Opera – The Final Curtain.” It will include a session with Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Meanwhile, the new kid in town is Alex Newell. A boy plays a girl in the just-opening corn musical. Written by New Yorker Robert Horn (Tony Award winner for Tootsie).

Puritans showed up in blue and red on Trump’s subpoena. Patti Smith, Laurie Metcalfe, Jane Krakowski, Susan Sarandon, Faith Hill, Trevor Noah—whose mask remained even for a photoshoot—and Rachel Dratch. The audience – halfway through the first act – rose to give Newell a standing ovation.

Watch out: He might even get the lead on the upcoming show, Dreamgirls.

While you’re there, don’t miss “Peter Pan Goes Wrong” – at Ethel Barrymore. It’s the same crew that produced the comedy “The Play That Goes Wrong.” Opens on the 19th but was attacked on the morning I saw it. Kids eating jelly beans, men with backpacks, grandmothers hanging out with shopping bags – all laughing.

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With beyond our city, state, and country, that’s good for us.

Some deep thinkers

Actor Sean Penn actually enjoys the gruff realization fans seem to have of him.

Cute Easter Ideas: “I love the general perception of me that makes people a little afraid to come to the table when I’m having dinner outside.”

– Sean Penn

“The hardest thing about being a model is what’s going on in your head. You try to make some sense, so there’s no blank stare when they take your picture.”

– Cindy Crawford (photo)

“At my local Victoria’s Secret for 12 pairs of lingerie, they didn’t offer me any discount – $150 and just wanted me to sign their catalog.”

– Rebecca Romijn

This is very nice

NYPD Commissioner Kishant Sewell gave Cindy Adams an Easter scarf.
Getty Images

Handmade Easter sash arrived with: “Inspired by Keechant Sewell, 45th Police Commissioner of New York City. Unique, Designed by Nicole Miller, Produced by Theory’s Kazumi Yanai, Includes American Flag, NYPD Flag, Commissioner’s Shield, Roman Numeral XLV, and sign it.” Silk, red, white and blue, the treasure comes with a commissioner’s card. Thank you Top Cop.

Read the feast

In a mystery book this holiday, get Harlan Coben’s “I Will Find You.” it’s great. Now on the best seller list. . . Love William Kennedy? He’s selling his historic home in Albany (where the “Legs” diamond was shot) for 500k, give or take a few bucks — plus a copy of the Pulitzer Prize-winning movie “Ironweed.”

Take care, Ron

A wealthy donor has pulled a $1 million commitment to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, citing his fight with Disney.
AFP via Getty Images

Former million-dollar Florida native bails out Ron DeSantis: “He comes across as wet armpits. He just lost a wrestling match with Minnie Mouse. He wants to be president when he grows up, but first he has to grow up. He’s popular as a yarmulke in Damascus.” He should first try to invent it with Disney.”

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His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan’s “Easter Prayer” card reads: “We pray, Lord, that you will grant us a season of peace in this time of Easter joy – and Easter blessings.”

And not just in New York, kids, not just in New York.

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