BTS member RM raises dating speculation with lyrics of song “Right place, wrong person”

“Yes, it’s probably about dating.”

On May 24, BTS‘s R.M He released his second solo album, Right place, wrong person. The album contains 11 songs, including the title track “LOST!” and the pre-release song “Come Back To Me”, with RM co-writing and producing most of the songs.

Right place, wrong person It delves into the sense of connection and the moments of feeling like a stranger, out of place. On the album, RM paints a picture of universal emotions that anyone can encounter at least once in their life, and delivers a message that resonates with those who strive to find answers in the face of these emotions.

– Great music

RM (BTS) | Great music

Although it has only been released for a short time, fans are already praising RM’s lyricism and music, especially since the album sounds very personal and emotional for the BTS member. One conversation that some words sparked was about RM’s dating life, and whether or not it played a role in his creative process.

The lyrics of the B-side song “Nuts” are the song in question.

When reading the lyrics, it’s easy to see how many people interpret them as talking about someone they were in a relationship with in the past, and if that’s the case, it sounds like it was messed up.


Since you left, I finally feel alive
Every night I write letters to my past self
With just a glass of whisky, all the memories come flooding back, praying to a God I don’t even believe in.
So you can move on from being my everything in your 20s
I will sincerely wish you happiness, although you probably will not believe me
It was a difficult relationship, there is a stain on my chest
It’s called you, I can’t even believe we were together
It was a flu, and we could see the karma coming
The monster wasn’t me, I beg you, my dear, please
Forever, forever, I wish you true happiness, dammit

Despite the tragic lyrics, fans have never been disappointed with the poetic and beautiful way RM expresses himself, whether he’s speaking in Korean or English.

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She’s a professional racer, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, racer
Should be an A1 guide, always throw the slider af**king
When it comes to love, she can pull all-nighters
The best gas lighter no man has ever been able to fight
I was going crazy, how could everything come together now?
How come now you have nothing to offer?
You are terrible, you scare me, I beg you, my dear, please
A lifetime of nonsense, love is only for freaks

The lyrics of “Nuts” led to a conversation on an online forum about RM’s possible dating history. Many already thought that the BTS member had gone through a rough breakup in the past two years, so they weren’t too surprised by the words. Others think, based on the lyrics alone and RM’s age, that it’s pretty much a given that he’s been in a relationship at some point, either now or in the past.







Do you think RM’s lyrics are a peek into his tragic romantic past?


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