Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson has been suspended for three games due to contact with the referee, pleas

Chicago – White Sox All Star Shortstop Tim Anderson Three matches have been suspended and fined an undisclosed amount of money for making a hat-trick come into contact with home board referee Nick Maherley during Friday night’s game against the Oakland A.

Anderson has resumed the suspension, which means he will be eligible to play when the White Sox face Oakland on Saturday.

Anderson, 29, was unhappy with Maherley’s first call at the bottom of the seventh inning. The two had words before Maherley dismissed Anderson who then approached the referee, and made contact between his helmet and Maherley’s hat.

The jaw-and-jaw arguing lasted for a few more moments before head coach Tony La Russa stepped out into the fray. He was fired after a few moments. Anderson will serve his second suspension of the season, his first stemming from an incident last September where he called a referee during a bench fight with the Detroit Tigers.

He missed the first two matches of 2022 because of that incident. He was also suspended for a game – but got an appeal – after he made an obscene gesture towards fans in Cleveland in April. Anderson is appealing the current suspension, which will remain pending until the hearing.

Team A won the match 7-3.

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