Ciprian Pian, the head of the Tuduianu clan, was arrested. She filmed her three-year-old in outrageous poses

Ciprian Pian, head of the Tuduianu clan, was arrested 30 days ago. DIICOT lawyers allege, among other things, child pornography after allegedly filming her three-year-old boy in indecent poses.

His accuser would actually be his ex-wife, who showed investigators pictures. The Tuduianu family has not been in the first major scandal. Two years ago, during the funeral of Amy Pian, the Romanian police chief resigned after secretly negotiating with the leaders of the underworld. Ciprian Tuduianu’s brother was killed in the street by a rival who attacked him with a sword.

Ciprian Bian was taken to DIICOT headquarters because he allegedly made sexual gestures to his three-year-old boy. However, Pian considers them a symbol of maturity and masculinity.

The video did not reach the Internet, but it was also seen by the ex-wife of Ciprian Pian, who notified the authorities. DIICOT lawyers opened a criminal case for child pornography, sexual corruption of minors and sexual assault.

Suspect’s next of kin: “His mistress blackmailed him. Filmed it. Not the mother of the child, the ex, a child with her, a little girl. And when he talked to her on camera, she was probably threatened by filming. Our children were naked from birth to 7-8 years old. Hardy, they walk the streets naked in winter.

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Stephen Tudianu

Police officers from the Violent Crime Squad Service and DIICOT prosecutors searched his home in Rahoa, where they took a number of items and documents in the hope of finding the video in question. On Monday, the man was detained and later remanded in custody for 30 days.

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Ciprian Tuduianu is the brother of Emi Pian, the thug who was stabbed to death by a rival in the capital two years ago. The scandal erupted as a result of a joke.

Liviu Vasilescu, the head of the Romanian police at the time, was fired after he secretly met with the Dutianu family to negotiate the timing of Amy Pian’s funeral.

Liviu Vasilescu, former president of the IGPR: “Please allow me to retire as of today from the position of Inspector General of the Romanian Police and to remain a police officer and carry out the duties assigned to me.”

Later, the Tuduyanu brothers were detained for trying to take revenge. The man, who was brought to trial on Monday over child pornography, was released in February from Gyurkiu Prison, where he was jailed for attempted murder.

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