College wrestling: No. 1 Penn State leads No. 2 Iowa 23-14

The first period

Patrick Kennedy knows Iowa needs a win here before Penn State can be expected to put up three defending NCAA champions at 174, 184 and 197 pounds. Both men take to the mat with different types of knee protection, with Facundo’s right leg covered in duct tape and Kennedy’s right knee fitted with a brace.

The two minutes go by with no goals, but Facundo shoots. The first period ends 0-0.

The second period

Kennedy elected to start the second period, immediately out. Hawk leads 1-0. One minute left. Lots of effort here from both players, but the wrestlers just can’t convert yet. Ten seconds to go. Kennedy would lead 1-0 heading into the second.

Third period

Facundo gets a quick escape to start the third and tie the score. We’re back to neutral with everything tied at 1-1. One minute left. Let’s see what these guys can do over time. I wouldn’t mind overtime though, we’ll see. Thirty seconds left. Ride time is not a factor. ten seconds. To overtime we go!

sudden victory

Lots of pushing and shoving, but Facundo takes the first shot. no thing. Ninety seconds to go. Shot of Kennedy, who is close. impasse. Good defense from Facundo. apparent severity. These two know what’s at stake. One minute left. Kennedy goes for another shot, but Facundo defends. Kennedy gets Facundo in a bad place, but he’s got power. ten seconds. Let’s go horseback riding.

The first tie-breaker

Kennedy escapes from Facundo in four seconds. Wonderful. This is the start he needs in these confrontations. Facundo became neutral. He will need a clearance to win it. Facundo gets in for a shot, but Kennedy defends. Four seconds. This one goes on hook. This is a big win for Iowa, but you have to respect Facundo’s confidence and determination. That was quite the match. We got to 174 pounds.

Team score: IOWA 14, PENN STATE 9

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