Corruption at Eurovision 2024. The music competition has lost many fans

The scandal at Eurovision 2024. Bambi Rae Robinson, a contestant from Ireland, was heavily criticized by fans of the music competition. They said it was not an artful moment, but a literal exorcism. They were not happy with the singer’s outfit.

Eurovision 2024 final under terror threat

This is not just a problem with the tournament organizers. Pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel demonstrations of around 40,000 people have been announced in Sweden, the host country of Eurovision 2024 this week, fronted by Israeli singer Eden Golan. Terrorist threats have also been received and authorities are trying to keep the situation under control.

The Israeli embassy is guarded 24/24

Israel is represented by 20-year-old artist Eden Golan. He qualified with the song “October Rain”, but the song was banned because it was “too politicized” and blamed for the October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas. The young woman rewrote the lyrics, the song was now called “Hurricane” and was approved.

The representative of Israel is guarded 24/24 by bodyguards. Only they and the authorities know where she is staying. He is only allowed to leave the hotel for rehearsals, press conferences and official matches.

Romania did not participate in Eurovision 2024

Romania will not participate in Eurovision 2024. SRTv’s Board of Directors has not approved participation in this year’s edition of the prestigious competition. Due to financial constraints, DVR will not participate in the music competition.

At the meeting held on Thursday, January 25, the decision was taken with 4 votes “in favor”, 4 “abstentions” and 4 “against”.

“Financial constraints and the desire to represent Romania at a high performance level are the reasons why the Board of Directors (CA) decided that TVR will not participate in this year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC”), TVR explained the decision.

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