Covid-19 cases have been reported in China

China’s health officials on Sunday reported nearly 3,400 cases of the corona virus, a record number since the outbreak began in February 2020, and the AFP says it wants to quickly reduce new outbreaks by isolating affected areas.

Following the height of the national epidemic, Chinese authorities have closed schools in Shanghai and closed several cities in the northwest of the country, while 19 provinces are working to control local eruptions caused by delta and omigran.

Jilin, a major city in northeastern China, said the area was locked as hundreds of neighborhoods were closed, a local official said Sunday.

The city of Yanji, home to 700,000 people on the border with North Korea, is completely closed.

China, the country where the new corona virus was first detected in late 2019, has a zero tolerance policy on infection. China is reacting to outbreaks of epidemics through local locks, population control through mass testing and surveillance applications.

China’s borders have almost been closed since the outbreak began, Agerpres reports.

Growing dissatisfaction in China with the harsh measures and regulations of the Corona virus authorities

But the new record of daily cases, mainly caused by the Omigron variant, puts pressure on this approach.

“In some areas the emergency response mechanism is not strong enough, the understanding of aspects of the Omicron variant is inadequate (…) and the results are inaccurate,” Governor Zhang Yan, the public health coordinator, told a news conference. Jill Province.

Thanks to local locks, mass checks and border closures, China has so far been able to keep the number of corona virus cases low.

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But dissatisfaction with this strict approach is growing in China. While economists warn that drastic measures will affect the country’s economy, more and more officials are now calling for softer, rather targeted measures to curb the spread of the virus.

China’s health policy has generally been softened and targeted after an increase in the number of cases, with the city of Xi’an and its 13 million people being detained, beginning in February compared to the December 2021 strategy. Total locking weeks for two.

In Shanghai, China’s largest city, local authorities are relying on community closures and the temporary closure of schools, businesses, restaurants and shopping malls instead of enforcing mass locks.

Following the increase in the number of infections, the National Institutes of Health announced on Friday that it would introduce the use of rapid antigen testing, which would suggest a relaxation of the Chinese Communist Party’s health policy.

Last week, a senior Chinese researcher said that like other states, his country should try to live with the new corona virus.

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