Critics’ Choice Awards 2022: Live Updates

credit…Chris Pizzello/Invision, via The Associated Press

On Sunday evening, Halle Berry accepted the #SeeHer Award from the Critics’ Choice Association, which honors women who break “boundaries in changing stereotypes” and promote “real images of women throughout the entertainment landscape.”

In doing so, the Oscar winner referred to her recent drama “bruisingHer directorial debut. First, she said, she asked the producers why she couldn’t act in it. Then she asked why she couldn’t direct. Both times they answered, “Why not?”

“Then finally, when the movie came out, I dared to ask someone what they thought of the movie,” Berry said. He said: I find it difficult to watch a woman being beaten and beaten. It made me feel uncomfortable.”

“And in that moment, I knew exactly why I had to tell this story. I knew exactly the power of the story,” she continued. “Because I said, ‘If you’re having a hard time, if it makes you uncomfortable watching that story, imagine being that woman living that story. “

This, she said, was the power of storytelling: It could help people think about others, and find empathy and empathy for them. Berry said she aspired to the roles typically played by white men.

Now, I’ve realized that “for these roles to work, they have to change dramatically,” she said. “It must be written with the reality of my journey, in all its beauty and all its pain.”

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The actress and director said that’s why she was so grateful for creating the moment, when women tell their stories. I concluded:

We will use our emotional intelligence and tell stories that don’t fit preconceived notions. No, we will tell the stories that see us fully in all our multitude and contradictions, because we are confident and fearful. We are weak and we are strong. We are beautiful and the women we treat. We are everything and all of that, and we are all at the same time. Because if we deny our complexity, we deny our humanity.

We won’t always be beautiful, and we’ll never be perfect, but what we will be honest and real, no matter how uncomfortable that makes you. These are the stories we must strive to tell, and these are the stories the world needs to see. So for every little girl who feels invisible and unheard, this is our way of saying to you, ‘We love you and see you. And you deserve every good thing in this world. “

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