Dacian Ciolos declares that he is not with his mistress in Madrid. “I am in Spain, it is true, but with my wife”

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Dacian Cioloř is in Spain to celebrate the flowers with his wife Valerie. Photo: Facebook/Dacian Cioloř

MEP Dacian Cioloř, co-founder of the REPER party, announced that he was with his wife in Madrid this weekend and was not “going out with his mistress”, as the Romanian politician appeared in the title of an article in a publication. Would not recommend her. Ceolos noted that he celebrates Catholic flowers in Spain with his wife, Valerie.

“”Dacian Cielos, weekend trip with his mistress in Madrid” – Today I stumbled upon this headline of an article about me, which repeats the story of my alleged affair. It’s still old crap that was peddled very recklessly a few years ago. As is often the case with fake news production, Something true and ten fakes are being prepared for the newspaper. I’m in Spain, it’s true, but I want to celebrate the Catholic flowers together with my wife Valerie,” Dacian Ciolos said in a post posted on Facebook.

“I have a few things to say about today’s misinformation. First of all, I find it vile on a human level to use someone for financial or political gain. I reject the idea that once you become a public figure, you have to put up with all the lies that are told about you. The press has a duty to expose the facts of a political figure. “But creating fakes in the name of journalism and under the guise of a journalist is primarily a crime against journalism and those who do this work in good faith,” Tsiolos said.

The Romanian MEP says that if the victim was not only him, but also close people, friends or relatives who were affected by “these lies”, he would have been “amused by this false information”.

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“As for me, I am used to these lies that are often told about me. But I am sorry, and every time I apologize to those close to me for being drawn into these lies for the simple fact that they are with me or know me, associate with me, my friends or relatives. As I did before, this I used to be amused by misinformation. But in the context of these days, I realize that the victim is not me, but many people who only expose the lie that they often accept or tolerate as the “alternative truth”. Not only me, but almost everything is an alternate truth lie. To them, mysteries, misinformation. And I’ll think of better ways to combat half-truths,” Tsiolos said.

Author: Mihnia Lazar

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