Demi Lovato celebrates her 30th birthday by going Insta-official with her new boyfriend Jute $

Singer Demi Lovato celebrated her 30th birthday by announcing her new boyfriend, Jute$. (Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Demi Lovato She celebrated her 30th birthday on Saturday by officially taking to Instagram with new boyfriend Jute$.

The Skin My Teeth singer and Jute$ (real name: Jordan Lutes) posted a series of photos on Instagram in honor of Lovato’s birthday. $Jute is a Canadian artist who collaborated with Lovato on a track for her new album.

In an Instagram post, Jute$ announced that he was “really bursting with joy” over his relationship with Lovato.

“Happy birthday my love. You are a 30 year old man and I am the luckiest person in the world to call you. Making you laugh has become my new obsession because your smile literally cures my depression (there’s a lyric song out there somewhere). I’m so proud of you not only Because you survived everything you’ve been through, you came out on top and became your happiest and happiest self,” Got$ photo series, which showed the couple in a variety of scenes, from roasting marshmallows over the stove to riding a theme park ride in cloaks. “That’s it my dear… I’m just here to support you and tell my stupid dad jokes when needed. You’re more than your music, more than your voice, more than a pretty face. You’re my everything. I love you.”

In the comments, Lovato responded to the $Jute post by calling him “the best friend in the world” in all hats.

Lovato replied, “I am so grateful to be calling you because I have never laughed like this in my life, never smiled so much and my heart is constantly filled with love.” “This post, this comment…how are you real?! I love you my dear…so much.”

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The pop star also took to her Instagram page to show off her new relationship. In an Instagram story, she shared a shot of her with $Jute posing for a selfie in the bathroom mirror. The pink-haired Jute$, who was wearing a furry black Kangol hat, had his hand around Lovato, who smiled for the camera.

“Bday you bitch with her love,” Lovato captioned the shot.

Demi Lovato and her boyfriend Gott$.  (Instagram / Demi Lovato)

Demi Lovato and her boyfriend Gott$. (Screenshot: Instagram / Demi Lovato)

In a solo post, Lovato snapped a selfie in the bathroom mirror, adding a stylish pair of black sunglasses to her outfit.

“My hand, you bitch,” was written on the bullet.

Demi Lovato takes a selfie for her birthday.  (Instagram / Demi Lovato)

Lovato takes a selfie for his birthday. (Screenshot: Instagram / Demi Lovato)

The $Gott whipped up a birthday breakfast of cheesy scrambled eggs for the duo.

Demi Lovato catches her boyfriend Gott while he's making breakfast for her.  (Instagram / Demi Lovato)

Demi Lovato catches her boyfriend Gott while he’s making breakfast for her. (Screenshot: Instagram / Demi Lovato)

Rumors circulated that the duo had been dating for some time. Earlier this month, the couple was seen holding hands outside the Lavaux Celebrity District in New York City, I mentioned Yahoo Entertainment previously. Jute$ joined Lovato on a trip to New York City where she promoted her latest album, Holy Fvck, which was released on Friday.

In 2020, Lovato was hired for a brief period Youth and turmoil Actor Max Erich. In the People’s Choice Awards that yearAnd the Lovato joked about the relationship, say“Then COVID hit, and everything was locked down, so I did what the others did. I got into lockdown mode and got engaged.”

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