Diablo 4’s latest wacky marketing ploy? They provide cleaning services

Diablo 4The open beta starts this weekend, opening up the testing period to anyone who wants to play – No need for a KFC Double Down sandwich. There’s always room for another company’s sponsorship, so developer Blizzard Entertainment is swapping out KFC for a Home Service Thumbtack. It’s a marketing match made in hell?

Here’s the deal. Blizzard and Thumbtack concede $20,000 in services so that Diablo 4 Players can do their homework during the open beta weekend. Need your house washed? Do you have IKEA furniture to collect? Windows need cleaning? Blizzard will handle it – or rather, they’ll pay you to hire someone to do it. $20,000 is divided into $200 prizes for 1,000 people.

It’s a marketing plan that must work! I don’t know the target demographic Diablo 4, but based on this gift, I dare to guess that there are a large number of people over the age of 30. We may not be in our 30s to participate in Diablo 4 The giveaway of KFC (heartburn) But the giveaway Thumbtack speaks directly to the ever-growing list of (unfair) adult chores.

Home business or not, something tells me that there is no shortage of it Diablo 4 players. Blizzard shared on Monday Over a million people reached level 20 last weekend. Now there is a lot of laundry left in the basket.

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