Diablo IV mounts are off limits until you beat the campaign

From the moment Blizzard was announced Diablo IV in 2019, it disturbed the ability of players to ride mounts. This will be a string first, which seems like a nice feature to include. But now, Blizzard has confirmed that you won’t actually be able to ride a mountain in the latest loot-filled one Diablo Adventure so go and save the world. I think horses are only for champions.

Blizzard announced Diablo IV In November 2019, even then he was talking about the size of the new game world and how shims will help players get through it. we Duly mentioned mounts In our preview at the time. And in the latest beta, mounts were once again teased but not available to use, with the playable test just a small taste of the full RPG. Briefly, Diablo IVMounting rails have been known for quite some time, and they look pretty cool! However, Blizzard recently confirmed that you won’t be able to ride any horses (or other horses, for that matter) in Diablo IV Right out of the gate.

In a blog post from Blizzard on April 24the company revealed new information on how players can customize their characters and skills in it Diablo IV. And speaking of crescendos, Blizzard revealed that you’ll need to beat the main quest with at least one character to get to a disposable friend.


Fortunately, once you’ve unlocked a mount with one character, you’ll be able to use it with all of your other characters in all of the other game modes. And once you get a cool new mount, you’ll be able to customize it with different shields and rewards.

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As for why this choice was made, I think Blizzard didn’t want players rushing through the world and campaign that it spent years making. At least, not the first time you’ve played it Diablo IV. Once you see it all and save the planet from demons or whatever, Blizzard will relent and give you a way to help future reboots with different characters more quickly. That’s understandable, but I’m wondering if Blizzard will give people sometime soon, maybe a few years or so away. We’ll have to wait and see.

Kotaku Blizzard has reached out for comment.

The classics are back Diablo IV

The Blizzard blog post also shared more information about the loot, explaining how Legendary items that you don’t pick up due to a disconnect error or because you haven’t discovered them will be added to a special section of your stash. (This special storage area will fill up quickly, so players will need to check it regularly.) The studio has confirmed that some classic items from the past Diablo Games, such as Windforce, will have a chance to fall back on the new game, too.

Blizzard also talked about how breathing worksindicating that it will not be free and open like Diablo IIIA version of the endgame system but it will be less rigorous than how it was implemented in the fan favorite Diablo II.

Diablo IV Launches June 6, 2023 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. For those who can’t wait, Blizzard recently confirmed that another beta will happen in May.

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