Does Renault sell the Mioveni plant?

Renault plans to set up two divisions – electric cars for units in France and heat engines for units outside France. Sources quoted by Automotive News Europe say that the French team has already received joint requests for the heating engine division – including Automobile Dacia, Mioveni Mechanical Plant and Renault Technology Rumani. According to ZF, Tesla’s role is to raise funds for investment in the development of the electric car segment, which has become a major player in Europe.

If Renault had a majority stake in a future electric car company, the plan for the other company’s heat engines would be to sell 40% of its shares and sell 60% – so the Dacia plant in Mioveni could have another owner. Next time.

The Renault Group says the future company for electric cars will be in France in the fall, and the company for heating engines in another country – Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Romania and includes production of engines and gearboxes. America Latin.

The future of the car industry lies in Romania, a market where no major investment has been made in the production of batteries for electric cars – in Hungary or Poland, billions of euros have been invested in such factories.

Romania’s economic impact is huge, due to Dacia’s largest exporter and plant in Mioveni, which laid the foundation for the modern car industry locally, employing more than 240,000 people.

Only Ford in Greece has announced that it will produce electricity locally, but production will be coordinated by Ford Otoson.

Two weeks ago, the Renault Group in Romania, under the “Renaulution” program, announced on February 18, 2022 that the Renault Group would explore a new strategy on how to streamline its operations and technologies in electric vehicles and its industry. To increase their efficiency and business efficiency “.

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The Renault brand aims to sell only 100% of electric cars in the European market by 2030. The scope of scope includes operations and technologies in the electrical and software sectors across the value chain: engineering (part of the Technocentre, Renault Software Laboratory, other objectives in the Lorde testing region and the -le-de-France region), industry (electricity, Cléon plant) as well as these activities Support functions.

At the time, the French team said, “At the same time, the Renault Group is considering setting up a new company to integrate its operations in the heating and hybrid machinery and transmission industry outside of France.” The category includes mechanical plants: Motors (Spain), Sevilla (Spain), Cassia (Portugal), Bursa (Turkey), Mioveni (Romania), Curitiba (Brazil), Gormeganica (Chile), PFA (Argentina); Engineering and R&D: RTS (Spain), RTR (Romania and Turkey), RTA (Brazil).

With the exception of units in Romania, Spain and Portugal, the rest are from outside the EU and will not have to comply with future Euro 7 pollution regulations or the scheduling of cars with heat engines. The Dacia plant, which will export 90% of its components to the EU, will be without the current market, as the EU will stop selling cars with heat engines by 2035. On the other hand, the French have already announced that Dacia will have its second low-end electric car from 2026, and are currently selling the Spring Electric model manufactured by the third company in China, while France will focus on power generation. Cars, the second electric car under the Dacia brand are likely to be manufactured in France. In Romania, electrification currently includes only the hybrid version of the Joker crossover by 2023.

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