Dokapon Kingdom: Connect launches May 9 in the West

Dokapon Kingdom: Connect Publisher Idea Factory International has announced a physical and digital release for Switch on May 9 in North America and Europe.

in Japan, Dokapon Kingdom: Connect It is scheduled to be released for Switch on April 13th.

The official website has also been updated with the following new information:


Check out some of the monsters lurking in Dokapon Kingdom: Connect.

  • wabit – the rarest creature on the entire planet. If you meet him, it could be your lucky day!
  • Rico Jr – The only son of Overlord Riku. He has a twisted personality. Rumor has it that he is in love with a human girl.

Backgammon x RPG

Learn about the original rules and new features added in Dokapon Kingdom: Connect.

  • Let’s play online! – Use the internet feature to play with your friends! Create a room and gather everyone for a game!
  • Convenient auto-save function – Autosave will automatically save your progress every week! Play to your hearts content!
  • Reassemble after disconnection – If anyone in your party gets separated from a match, all remaining players will automatically be regrouped in a new lobby for all participants!
  • swap to COM – If you are ever in a situation where you have to leave, but others want you to stay, you can tap the controls and pass them to COM to end your game for! Once you exit, COM will automatically run as you wish.

Enjoy your time more!

  • Endless ways to play!Dokapon Kingdom: Connect It has three main game modes for you to enjoy:
  • Story mode – In this mode, you will travel around the Dokapon Kingdom, eliminating many challenges along the way!
  • normal mode – In this mode, you can choose how many weeks you want to play, and whoever has the most money at the end wins!
  • battle royale – In Battle Royale, you can choose between three types of races.
    • city ​​racing – The first to liberate a certain town is the winner! The city to be liberated is different every time!
    • Kill the race – Whoever defeats other players a certain number of times wins!
    • Shopping race – Whoever is the first to return the selected item to Dokabon Castle wins the match!

Read more about the game here.

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Watch a new trailer below.

The Wacky World of Dokapon Trailer

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