Don’t worry, Hogwarts legacy won’t contain any microtransactions

Believe it or not, but Hogwarts Legacy A new game based on the Harry Potter series is coming to Switch.

This is not all that has been revealed from the FAQ on the game’s official website. As many have noted, there is a section on microtransactions. The good news is that there won’t be any last minute surprises to spoil the experience, emphasizing that none of this type of in-game content is involved.

s: Are there in-game purchases or micro-transactions in Hogwarts Legacy? a: Hogwarts Legacy It has no in-game purchases or micro-transactions.

Avalanche community manager, Chandler Wood (who reiterated that the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch), also reiterated this on Twitter:

Another part of this FAQ also confirms that the game will not have any online or co-op gameplay:

s: Do Hogwarts Legacy Do you have online gameplay or co-op game? a: Hogwarts Legacy It is a single player experience and has no online or co-op gameplay.

So, there you have it – no microtransactions, no online or co-op modes. Hogwarts Legacy will arrive in Holiday 2022 on Switch and many other platforms. Amazon also shared a look at the Art box game to switch.

Will you add this to your Switch library? Leave a comment below.

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