Dr. Beers Nikil Harry’s ankle injury ‘looks severe’

Chicago Bears wide future nickel harry ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported Sunday that he reportedly sustained an ankle injury that “looks serious.”

Fowler said Harry, 24, had injured his ankle on Saturday and was awaiting further evaluation. Bears coach Matt Eberfels is not scheduled to speak to the media until Tuesday, according to Pro Football Talk.

I just saw him come down, said Eberlus, via ESPN. “I’ve seen the play and I don’t really know much from there. We’ll obviously take stock and then once I get that we can get it back to you. And if it’s longer we’ll let you know what it is. If it’s day in and day out, we’ll say that too” .

The Bears traded in the seventh round in 2023 for Harry of the New England Patriots. He played in 33 games over three years and had 57 receptions for 598 yards and four touchdowns. In 2021, he sustained a left shoulder injury and missed three matches.

Hunt is said to be soliciting trade; low brown

Cleveland Browns running back cream hunt The trade requested, James Palmer of the NFL Network and Mary Kay Capote of Cleveland Plain reported on Sunday.

The team refused this request. Cabot mentioned.

Hunt, who turned 27 on Saturday, participated in individual exercises at a training camp, But he is said to have skipped the team’s training For the second day in a row on Saturday, as it seeks to extend the contract. He was previously a full participant. Brown is fined for the sixth year in a row for skipped workouts, according to reports.

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On Saturday, Capote mentioned that Hunt He wanted to end his career in Cleveland. He joined the club in 2019 after two seasons with Kansas City Chiefs. But now things have changed and Hunt is said to want to leave, while Brown is said to be refusing. He’s in the second year of a two-year, $12 million contract and has one less role in three-time Pro Bowl selection Nick Chape.

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Hunt led the league in rush races as a rookie in 2017. He was fired by The Chiefs in 2018 after a video of the He pushes a woman and kicks her on the ground Cleveland hotel entrance. He signed a one-year contract of $1.1 million for 2019 and signed another one-year agreement in 2020. A two-year contract followed.

The Ohio native rushed for 386 yards over eight games in 2021 and scored five touchdowns. Calf and ankle injuries affected his playing time.

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