Dramatic images in Italy: 3 young men were filmed holding each other before being swept away by the water. Their car has Roman numerals


Tragedy in Italy during floods. Three young men, mostly Romanians, marveled at the rushing water in the middle of a river in the Udine area. Two girls and a boy between the ages of 17 and 25 are missing. Their last pictures are heart-wrenching – embracing, all three shot in the middle of swirling water, unable to escape. Their car with Romanian license plates was found nearby. Hope that the three have escaped the path of the storms, the rescuers keep searching for them. Images with strong emotional impact.

By Observer Editorial Board on 31.05.2024, 20:12

The dramatic scenes were filmed near Udine in Italy. In the hope of going against the current, three young men were caught in the middle of the Natisone River holding each other. According to the release Mesager, three, two women and a man, arrived in the Premariaco area with a BMW car with Romanian registration numbers. Dozens of firefighters and divers are now searching for them in the flooded area.

A search was also conducted at the confluence of the Natisone and Torre rivers. According to the first reports, the three were taken into the sea shortly after they alerted the emergency services. Worryingly, Italian rescuers have lost contact with the three young men and there are fears they may have been swallowed by the water. Forces participating in the intervention are also checking images from the hydroelectric plant in Manzano and hoping to monitor them. The Civil Defense Service also participates in the operation.

The car in which the three young men arrived at the Netisone River area has Romanian registration numbers, said Michael de Sabata, the mayor of Premariaco. Two helicopters, divers and firefighters were sent after them. After the last few hours of rain, the water level continues to rise, making intervention very difficult.

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