Ease of producing graphene using a laser engraving machine

Graphene is not easy to produce on a large scale. But making small batches of graphene can be accomplished in several ways. [Robert Murray-Smith] I decided to try producingGraphene flash. This requires a fairly large and expensive capacitor, so he decided to demonstrate a different technique he had read about using an ordinary laser cutter. Check it out in the video below.

We were very disappointed that he didn’t make any graphene this time around. However, he has used other methods in other videos of Create a type of graphene. In fact, he has several similar videos going way back Quite out of the way As well as concrete applications, adsorbents and more. We understand that this method does not produce monolayer graphene, but in fact creates a ‘foam’ of graphene with interesting properties. [Robert] He talks about recent research papers showing that you can grow graphene in things other than Kapton tape using this method.

If you decide you’d like to give it a try, we’d love to see your results. [James Tour] From Rice University Video about Laser-induced graphene It might help you too. We’ve seen [Zachary Tong] also using this method. The flash process is also interesting, because when compared to most other methods it seems more scalable.

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