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“I wrote my first app to solve what I think is a huge barrier to access.”

An Elden Ring fan has released an iOS app to help players keep track of their missions.

The Shattered Episode – created by Dachary Carey – is currently sold on the App Store for £2.49. And while some Tarnished might insist that they prefer playing the game as a developer of software meant to not track in-game quests, it currently ranks #1 on the Store in the “Entertainment” category, which indicates that a lot of players are using it.

“Shattered Ring is the mission tracker you didn’t know you needed for Elden Ring,” says the description in the app. website. Shattered Ring iOS app is an RPG tracker to help you keep track of notes, VIP status, locations and missions.

“Stop flipping between huge notebooks, or losing your notes altogether, while trying to track your RPG progress. Easily save and search for NPCs, game world locations, and quests in your favorite RPGs,” he adds.

“Track NPC locations and missions, filter complete or incomplete missions and locations, and view quick stats for your games. A must-have companion for massive RPG video games like Elden Ring, or your favorite Dungeons and Dragons campaign.”

The app also allows players to keep track of multiple gameplays or other RPGs.

“I am not an iOS developer by trade,” Curry told our friends at VGC. “I write documentation for a living.

“But I wanted to enjoy playing this game so badly that I wrote my first app to solve what I think is a huge barrier to access for a large number of casual players like myself.”

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Previously, Elden Ring speed racing records are broken. Once someone completed the game in 59 minutes and 38 seconds, another player managed to achieve a faster time on their first attempt: 49 minutes and 29 seconds.

ICYMI, Elden Ring’s stunning, dark fantasy aesthetic has been beautifully recreated in Dreams.

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