Elections in Russia with no surprises, but an unexpected result in the Buretia region of Siberia

Pro-Kremlin candidates won as expected in Russia’s first local elections since the start of the invasion of Ukraine, the DPA said. TasseCited by Agerpres.

Vladimir Putin on TVPhoto: Alexander Ryumin / TASS / Profimedia Images

All 14 governors running for new terms retained their posts, and the United Russia party retained its majority in almost all regional and local assemblies. Voters from more than 80 Russian regions were invited to vote from Friday to Sunday.

Kremlin President Vladimir Putin announced Voted electronically Saturday morning from his office.

Independent observers of the Golos organization reported several signs of fraud, but Russian officials said no major violations of election rules had been recorded.

Before the election, opposition activists complained that candidates who took a stand against Russia’s war in Ukraine were not allowed to run.

Unexpected results in Prussian elections

The best result among governors went to Aleksei Sishidov, head of Buryatia, Siberian Republic, with 86.23%, and the most modest, in the Kremlin’s view, was achieved by Alexander Breselov, governor of Udmurtia Republic. , in Volga, with 64.38% of the vote.

In the context of the registration of soldiers sent to Ukraine from this region, Chisitov’s result in Buryatia is surprising. High mortality rate During fights.

Serhii Gaidai, head of the Ukrainian administration in the Luhansk region, described the situation very clearly in June, saying that Buryat soldiers. “Drop Like Flies” And they were withdrawn from the fighting around Severodonetsk.

In a detailed investigation published by Al Jazeera in early March, Russia’s ethnic minorities, including the Buryats, They are increasingly disaffected They became more and more openly critical of the war in Ukraine and the war initiated by President Vladimir Putin. On February 24.

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