Eli de la Cruz called up the Reds

Eli de la Cruz called up the Reds

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5:38 p.m. UTC

Shortstop Elly De La Cruz is one of the most anticipated prospects in baseball, and the Reds fans’ wait to see him play in the big leagues is now over.

De la Cruz arrived.

A No. 1 prospect in Cincinnati and a No. 4 prospect overall, according to MLB Pipeline, 21-year-old De La Cruz was called up on Tuesday from Triple-A Louisville.

297/.398/.633 with 12 home runs and 36 RBIs in 38 games in Louisville this year. He began his season on April 20 after spending some time on the injured list with a left hamstring injury during his first big league camp in spring training.

In early May, De La Cruz was playing third base for Louisville when he made a 99.2 mph throw to first base—the hardest pitch on record at the time in Triple-A or the major leagues.

On June 2, De La Cruz connected with a 10.97-second home plate rush to third base for the fastest home run to third at the major league level in 2023.

De La Cruz will likely play mostly for the Reds but may also see time at third base. Another prospect, De La Cruz’s former Louisville teammate Matt McLain, has been playing for Cincinnati since his May 15 promotion. McLean often played second base for Louisville when De la Cruz was at shortstop. If the Reds operate in a similar fashion, they will likely move second baseman Jonathan India to third base. India has been taking the balls lately at number three.

There hasn’t been much buzz about a player at the Reds’ position since the arrival of outfielder Jay Bruce on May 27, 2008. Bruce, then 21 like de la Cruz, was ranked No. 1 at the time of his promotion. He burst onto the scene in his first week by batting . 577 with three homers in his first seven major league games.

Now De La Cruz will test his abilities at baseball’s highest level, and his games are expected to be a showpiece for Cincinnati – and beyond.

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