Emmanuel Macron landed in Romania this morning from China

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Emmanuel Macron landed in Romania this morning from China. Photography: Digi24

French President Emmanuel Macron, who was on an official visit to China, landed in Romania for a technical stop on his return flight to France.

It was only a technical stop, not a follow-up to President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to China, but to Romania.

Emmanuel Macron’s aircraft is an Airbus A330, which has been the presidential aircraft of France since 2009. It was chosen by then President Nicolas Sarkozy. It appears that the flight was supposed to make a technical stop, for which Romania was chosen. 8,198 kilometers – the flight distance between Beijing and Paris.

On the website of the Presidential Administration, the agenda of the Romanian President does not mention any meeting or announcement in the presence of Emmanuel Macron in our country.

Macron is from China

French President Emmanuel Macron visited China from April 5 to 7. During the same interval, European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen was in China.

The two European leaders discussed relations with the Chinese leadership in Beijing on Thursday Complicated between the parties, in an attempt to gain China’s support for restoring peace in Ukraine, according to Agerpres.

China is of great importance to Europe given its interdependence and long shared history, van der Leyen said at the start of talks with Chinese Premier Li Qiang. Both sides They benefited greatly From this relationship, she insisted in a post on Twitter.

However, EU-China relations have become more complicated in recent yearsThe President of the European Commission added, stressing the debate All aspects of (EU-China) relations todayas This will help both the EU and China navigate a complex and volatile geopolitical environment.

I firmly believe that China has an important role to play in building peaceMacron said shortly before talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping, which are expected to focus on the war in Ukraine.

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