European leaders agree at Versailles summit to support EU access to Ukraine, but not in an emergency

EU leaders on Friday condemned Russia for its “unprovoked and unjustified military occupation”. Against Ukraine And promised to support Kiev And refugees leaving the war: However, they did not rush the country on the path to joining the community, as they demanded. President VolodAndI amAndr ZelenskI, RelaD.Its Politics.

In a later statement Further Hours Discussions ConferenceuVersace European Council, Leaders Europeans He noted that “Ukraine’s European aspirations and European wishes have been accepted” and the application for its membership was sent to the European Commission “expeditiously” for the initial stage of the process.Social Long With that it will be Declared a candidate country and desire You start Negotiations Joining.

“In anticipation of this and without delay, we will further strengthen our ties and deepen our partnership to support the continuation of Ukraine’s European path. Ukraine belongs to our European family.“, As shown in a statement issued overnight.

Although the report unequivocally expressed the EU’s intention to assist Ukraine, including political and financial assistance and temporary protection for refugees, it did not guarantee the access requested by Zelenski, Politico said.

Many EU countries, led by the Netherlands, claim that there is no way to slow down the accession process, even in the case of Ukraine, which is occupied by Russia.

“I think we all agree on the very difficult situation in which Ukraine will find itself. Everyone is shocked,” said Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, but the commission’s assessment “will take time to reach a decision – months, maybe years,”.

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“There is no immediate procedure for joining the EU,” he said.

We do not consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications. “

French President Emmanuel Macron said the EU should send a “strong signal” of support to Ukraine, but ruled out the possibility of the country joining the EU camp soon.

“Can the EU access procedure be opened today with a country at war? I do not believe it. He closed the door and said to Ukraine, ‘Never?’ That is unfair, ” he said.

However, European leaders have promised a different kind of assistance to Ukraine. Charles Michel, President of the European Council, spoke on the need for an additional 500 million euros in aid through the EU, the European peace facility used to provide military assistance to Kiev.

Leaders Europeans They also promised to help rebuild Ukraine after the war.

“We are committed to supporting the rebuilding of democracy in Ukraine. Then What will be the end of the Russian attack. We are determined to increase pressure on Russia and Belarus. We have accepted significant obstacles and are ready to act quickly with other obstacles“, As shown in the statement.

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