Even Paul Mescal is intimidated by Zendaya

Photo: Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images

Nothing brings together two unexpected stars like presenting an award. The never-ending trip to the stage, the canned teleprompter dialogue — it’s like broadcasting the first 30 seconds of a blind date on national television. This weekend, the SAG Awards were our celebrity matchmaker, offering a particularly fun series of pairings: Twin Ghosts. Aubrey Plaza and Gina Ortega They shared the podium for a blessed half-minute, while Paul Mescal and Zendaya teamed up for a remarkably uncomfortable moment of awards show embarrassment.

Zendaya and Mescal presented the Female Actress Award together, standing at what appears to be the same table to make their way onstage. On the way, Meskal offered Zendaya her hand which she smoothly missed or declined, forcing Paul to keep his arm suspended respectfully in the air near her body throughout their journey to the stage.

Once they made it there, Paul looked at her and gave her a small laugh, perhaps to acknowledge the surreal humiliation of being accidentally rejected by Zendaya. In general, both Paul and little Poiret seemed very flustered to be in her presence–which, after I think of it, made a great deal of sense.

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