“Everything has a limit!” What did Vladimir Klitschko do in Berlin and what weapons did the Ukrainians demand from the Germans?

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Vladimir Klitschko: “Everything has a limit! I want our allies to end the war!”

At a meeting in Berlin, the former world heavyweight champion said their assistance to the Germans in stopping the war was crucial.

Vladimir Klitschko During the meeting, he called on the Ukrainian military to provide additional assistance. The former boxer’s visit to Germany comes after the release Die Weld The Minister of Defense announced. Christine Lambrecht, He does not understand exactly what kind of weapons the Ukrainians need to defend their country.

“The Ukrainians are stronger in terms of will than weapons. To stop us, they must kill us. But there is a limit to everything. I want our allies to stop this war!

Germany is the heart of Europe! I want Germany to support the peace we are fighting for. “Has been said Vladimir Klitschko, Suggest thenationalnews.com.

During his visit to Berlin, Wladimir Klitschko held talks with Economic Affairs Minister Robert Habeck and Austrian President Karl Nehammer on Thursday. The former boxer met with German Finance Minister Christian Lindner on Friday.

Who traveled to Germany with Vladimir Klitschko?

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What weapons did the Ukrainians demand from the Germans?

Christine Lambrecht He says Germany has so far sent more than 80 million euros in aid to Ukraine. The needs of the Ukrainians have changed since February 24, when the Russians launched an offensive and so far.

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Vladimir Putin’s attacks began with tanks and armored vehicles. But after huge losses in these 5 weeks, the Russians are now using more bombs and missiles.

Germany promised anti-tank weapons to the Ukrainians, but this time they were unimportant. Kiev has now presented a new list of weapons it needs.

Spy and war drones top the list, followed by artillery spy radars and warplanes.

Photo What the city of Mariupol looked like after the Russian bombing

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