Find My Device can locate your Pixel 8 for a few hours after it turns off

Find My Device can locate your Pixel 8 and 8 Pro even if it’s turned off or out of battery.

After setting up Find My Device network on the Pixel 8, we received a notification explaining this capability. this It will work “Several hours” after the phone’s “battery dies or turns off.” It’s especially useful if your phone is stolen, or you lose it overnight.

To make sure this capability is active, set “Only with network in high traffic areas” or “Only with network in all areas” in FMD settings. The former is the default setting, while Google says the latter option “may help you find lost items faster.” It’s targeted to “low-traffic areas,” and works even if “your device is the only one to detect and share the location of the item.”

The company did not specify the required version, only that it was active as of April.

Google also says to “Make sure Bluetooth and location are turned on when the phone is turned off.” In our usage, you can’t turn off location — assuming you’ve added the Quick Settings panel — without unlocking your device, but that’s not the case with Bluetooth.

This is made possible by “specialized Pixel devices” that Google is making available to OEMs and other chipmakers.

More about Find My Device:

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