Former tennis champion Boris Becker has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison

Former Grand Tennis Champion Boris Becker KantOfHe was sentenced on Friday to two and a half years in prison in the United Kingdom for fraud. The winner of six Grand Slam titles was found guilty of concealing assets and debts of three million euros to Germany.Complex I did not payEASC Loans. This includes covering up two assets OfIn Germany, he won a stake in a London apartment and two trophies at Wimbledon.

Earlier in the month, the U.S.In court in London She found him For the crime Four Of the 24 charges against him.

Former ATP leader Boris Becker has amassed more than 22 million euros in his career. Some incentive investments, expensive divorce and loans FThe British isc forced him to declare personal bankruptcy in 2017. Loans His Will be over 55 million euros.

Boris Becker has been charged with tax evasion for failing to pay taxes for several years. The world tennis legend hid 2.5 million pounds (3 3 million at current rates) in assets and liabilities to avoid paying off his debt.

Boris Becker, 54, was declared bankrupt on June 21, 2017 with a debt of மில்லியன் 3 million (மில்லியன் 3.5 million) and failed to repay a property in Mallorca (Spain) to a private bank called Arputnat Latham.

The AFP said the former champion, who has lived in the UK since 2012, had acted on the advice of experts, claiming he had collaborated with executives responsible for securing his assets and providing the wedding ring. The German has already auctioned off a series of trophies he won for 700 700,000 (€ 840,000) to pay off some debt. However, he was charged with concealing two properties in Germany and a share of a London apartment, a debt of 25 825,000.

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Therefore, the arbitral tribunal of Southwark Crown Court in London found Boris Becker guilty of four counts of bankruptcy, alienation of assets, non-disclosure of assets and concealment of debts.

In 2017, when his bankruptcy was declared, Becker, who won 49 titles in his 16-year playing career, was valued at 50 50 million. He has challenged all the charges against him.

Friday’s sentence is considered easy because prosecutors asked for 7 years in prison, which was somewhat expected, but still shocking news to the tennis world, Boris Becker is still seen as a key figure in the game. In addition to the large sum he earned as a player, Boris Becker enjoyed income as a coach. He was the coach for Novak Djokovic, during which time he received a significant amount of money from the Serbian player. Djokovic, coached by Boris Becker, has won 25 titles, including six Grand Slam titles, recalls Digi Sport journalist Gabriel Morariu.

Author: Luana Pavaluca

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