Frankie Lofo is inactive again this week in Los Angeles

INglewood, CA – The Panthers will once again be without one of their defensive leaders on Sunday, and they will only have their quarterbacks in uniform.

Midfielder Frankie Lofo is inactive in today’s game against the Rams, which is the second consecutive week of the squad.

Luvu was the team’s leading striker after four games, and he’s made defensive touchdowns in consecutive weeks. But he also played 277 defensive strikes in his first four games, more than he played in any of the previous three seasons. As such, the wear and tear of becoming a full-time player seemed to catch on.

Quarterback Baker Mayfield is also inactive for the Panthers Sunday squad, having run late to try to be in uniform. He worked in Charlotte on Friday and was hoping to be active, but he still needs more time to recover from last week’s ankle injury.

PJ Walker was going to start anyway, but coaching quarterback Jacob Eason (who was promoted to the active roster on Saturday) will now be the replacement.

Walker is a 2-0 start to the season with the Panthers, beating the Lions in 2020 and taking his first shot, completing 22 of 29 passes against Arizona last year.

The rest of Sunday’s inactive roster includes cornerback Jesse Horn (who didn’t make the trip while recovering from a rib injury last week), wide receiver Lavesca Shino Jr., linebacker Davion Nixon, linebacker Kid Mays and defensive end Amari Barno. .

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