G7 Foreign Ministers: We call on Russia to significantly withdraw troops from Ukraine’s borders

The G7 foreign ministers announced in a statement on Saturday that they were asking Russia to choose a diplomatic route to defuse tensions and withdraw troops from the border with Ukraine. News.ro..

The ministers said they did not notice a decline in Russia’s military operations on the border and would decide on Russia’s operations.

“We call on Russia to reduce tensions, to significantly withdraw troops from Ukraine’s borders, and to fully respect international obligations, including risk mitigation and transparency of military operations. We will judge Russia’s actions, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

“We are deeply concerned about Russia’s threatening military operations around Ukraine, illegal Crimea and Belarus. Unscrupulous and unjustified military massacres by Russia.

The report said that the peaceful crisis would be resolved through diplomacy and that Russia would be asked to accept the opportunity for dialogue through the US-Russia Strategic Stability Dialogue, the NATO-Russia Council and the OSCE.

“Russia must not doubt that any military attack on Ukraine will have massive consequences, including financial and economic sanctions, which will lead to severe and unprecedented costs to Russia’s economy,” he said. And its companies, to promote progress and reform.

“Russia must mitigate the situation and fulfill its obligation to implement the Minsk agreements. The number of ceasefire violations in recent days is alarming. The statement said.

For the benefit and protection of the people of eastern Ukraine, the ministers expressed support for the OSCE’s monitoring of the situation in the region and said that it should continue without restrictions.

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