Generation Z embraces an exciting new technology: foldable phones

“I think you can see it with certain Gen Z groups — they’re tired of screens.”

Brick revival

Nostalgic Generation Z-ers resurrect an ancient ghost from the technological past: flip phones, or “dumb phones,” from an era long before the era of smartphones.

“I think you can see it with certain groups of Gen Z — they’re tired of screens,” says Jose Briones, the dumb phone influencer who runs r / dumbphones subreddit Tell CNBC. “They don’t know what’s going on with mental health and they’re trying to make cuts.”

genuinely? We got it. Children today have grown up surrounded by more technology than older generations can imagine, and while phones and social media have become an integral part of everyday life in a way that is transforming society, a lot Some recent research has suggested that constant exposure to screens and social media may actually be a really bad thing for people – especially for young people.

In short, reclaiming a life free of screen, or at least less of a show, makes a lot of sense for your life. We say: dumb phones for everyone!

mini phones

according to CNBCGen Z’s apparent passion for dumb phones isn’t quite as reflected in sales as it is in the past Social media hashtags. However, experts do not rule out the idea that we may eventually see a slight uptick in sales.

However, the creep of stupid phone is also reflected in a different way: the emergence of stupid phone-adjacent products such as light phonewhich is marketed as “minimal” — as opposed to, you know, stupid – An alternative to smartphones.

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“What we’re trying to do with the Light is not to create a stupid phone, but to create a phone that’s more intentional — one that’s distinct and simple — and that’s not inherently anti-tech,” said Joe Holler, co-founder of Light. CNBC. “But it’s about choosing how and when to use the aspects of technology that add to my quality of life.”

It feels nice, though one that certainly takes into account the wellness of the anti-smartphone movement.

On the one hand, the growing affection for the Z generation seems more like the result of an outright rejection of an intrinsic symbol of modernity than a desire for a stylish reinvention of the mobile phone.

So before you get too concerned, teens are — at least for the most part — okay. Pray for millennials instead, who are letting their iPhones turn into derived from sleep Vault keepers.

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