Germany warns China not to send arms to Russia, or there will be “consequences”: “This must not happen”

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said there would be “consequences” if China sent weapons to Russia for its war in Ukraine, but he was very confident Beijing would refrain from doing so, the AP reported.

Scholz made the statement during an interview on Sunday’s CNN broadcast, two days after meeting US President Joe Biden in Washington.

US officials have recently warned that China may begin supplying Moscow with arms and ammunition.

Before his trip, Scholz asked Beijing to refrain from sending weapons and use its influence to pressure Russia to withdraw its forces from Ukraine.

Asked on CNN if he imagined the country would ban China if it helped Russia, Scholz replied, according to “I think there will be consequences, but we’re at a point where we’re clearly saying that this shouldn’t happen, and I’m relatively confident that we’ll win this case, but we’re going to watch the situation and be very careful.”

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Olaf Scholz did not give details about possible consequences. Germany is the strongest economy in Europe and China has become its most important trading partner in recent years.

In Germany on Sunday, after his cabinet met European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen, Scholes was asked if he had received concrete evidence from the United States that China was considering arms deliveries and whether he would support possible sanctions against Beijing.

We all agree that there should be no arms distribution, and the Chinese government has said it will not. This is what we are asking and we are following the situation.”Principal said.

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Van der Leyen said there was currently no evidence that China had supplied Russia with weapons.

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