Glastonbury 2023: Foo Fighters shake Glastonbury ahead of Arctic Monkeys

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Glastonbury’s worst kept secret has been confirmed: The ChurnUps are Foo Fighters. Or Foo Fighters are The ChurnUps. one or the other.

Dave Grohl strolls around the stage in a frenzy of feedback, with a look of sexy anticipation that dares to scream even louder before he blasts into the opening chords of All My Life.

It’s hard to imagine the feelings he’s going through. When the Foo Fighters last played here in 2017, it was with drummer Taylor Hawkins, who tragically passed away last year.

Grohl’s first public appearance after that was as special guest of Paul McCartney during his opening last year. He is an artist who never gives less than he has.

But even by his own standards, he’s like a possessed man tonight. The riffs are harder, the screams are deeper.

He was drenched in sweat for the first minute. They’re clearly not the same band they used to be. Not better or worse. Just different.

New drummer Josh Freese is more powerful than Hawkins, whose playing has always had its own lyrical flow. An impressive bit of double drum action during All My Life immediately shows how it would evolve the band’s live sound (Grohl played drums on their latest album, But Here We Are).

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