Hades 2 is entering early access, and you can play it now

after Short technical test Which Lots of ass shoutingthe famous developer Supergiant Games announced this Abyss 2 It is in early access, which is expected to last until the end of the year. What does this mean? Simple: You can go to Epic games store or steam And buy it now for $30.

On the game’s Steam page, Supergiant Games explained what you can expect from it Abyss 2Early access, with major updates coming every few months.

“Hades II In Early Access, there are actually more environments, enemies, and fully voiced characters than in the full version of the original Hades Game. But it’s not complete, and there are still major areas, characters, enemies, narrative events, and systems.

While there’s no planned end date for Early Access yet, the studio isn’t exactly sure when Abyss 2 You’ll get the full 1.0 version now, and Supergiant said the final game will include a “more complete and more polished set of features and content” with things like Steam achievements and a “true” ending to the tale.

Supergiant Games said in September 2023 that early access for the Greek-themed roguelike will begin in “Second quarter 2024“, with the release window placed between April and June of this year. Well, now in May, the California-based studio has announced a surprise surprise Abyss 2 It’s in early access so people can play it. Of course, this is only available on PC, which means console players – like myself – will have to wait a while.

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It will be worth the wait, though. Kotaku Senior Editor Alyssa Mercanti, Who wrote impressions of the technical test of the RPG roguelikeHe said Abyss 2 Builds on Excellence for its predecessor 2020 While feeling “both familiar and new”. It adds some changes, including a focus on new playable character Melino, but maintains a similar formula to create a sequel that Mercanti said is “exactly what it should be, and more.” Now, you don’t have to take our word for it. Go play it for yourself. (Oh, we’ve also been checking out the Steam Deck.)

With the game being in early access, Abyss 2 It is still certain that it will see a series of changes and additions before its full official release. Remember that Hades It launched in Early Access in December 2018 before getting a full 1.0 release nearly two years later. In that time frame, Supergiant expanded and refined the roguelike RPG genre, resulting in an improved game that garnered heaps of praise. Exceptional reviews And Countless awards. Maybe the same thing could happen with Abyss 2 After it gets the full 1.0 release, whenever that happens.

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